Conner Coffin at Rincon

A match that shall stand the test of time

| posted on January 28, 2014

Conner Coffin at Rincon is a thing of beauty. Watch, and see what it looks like when two are just meant to be together.

  • carpkid91

    ive known this kid since i was in high school, hes fucking nasty as is his brother

  • Silvana

    Boring…sorry, I couldn’t stop imagining Medina doing aerials in this wave.

    • fuzzwald

      Really…watching some kid landing wonk all over the board airs? really…
      i think you need to have a long think about who’s name you want to write or associate with this wave…Medina… no.

      • Greg Hall

        Jordy or Felipe …was great smooth surfing … But a trifle repetitive ….not that a spread leg air that leaves surfer behind the wave ..,?!?,,,why don’t we see controlled side slips in barrel at speed ??? .. Switch foot for some things …
        You want to go to the top , then bring something different .,

  • nelsonboardriders .

    was ok, lack of big moves though made me yawn, just saying.

    • sam

      beautiful surfing. He surfed the wave the way it was supposed to be surfed. If it made you yawn you obviously dont appreciate surfing- or more probable cant surf yourself.

  • cosimo

    upload a video of urselves then.. kellys

  • Reid Geisenhof

    As lovely a wave as any and looks like a fine time was had by all.

  • Judd Sands

    Great video but I have to admit, even though I’m a little jealous,being a rightsider from Maryland I think It is pretty easy to surf that good with such great canvas’.As an east coaster I would know.A more impressive film would be of head high barrels out east in a Blizzard.I get a little tired of seeing the same old breaks packed to the hilt.