A film by Cyrus Sutton

| posted on September 02, 2013

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  • Steve Wright

    Makes me want to get in the van and get some waves!

  • Def Jef

    Love it. Well done

  • jack

    youtube clip so i can allow the video to stream the upload and watch it without having to wait for it to stream…

  • Deadbeat

    *Sorry There was an issue with Playback* message, gutted, any fix for this???

  • eric beckwith

    Sick chill movie.flows well throughout,loved the barrel scences

  • Shredder

    Epic way to look at it.

  • poopoobrown

    Great movie, although the end seems slightly abrupt…?

  • dudebeach

    Amazing footage, pretty groundbreaking stuff to be honest. Loved all the new angles, great job!

  • Mike Szymkat

    Can I get a tracklist of songs used in this movie, please?

    • Benni

      Same here. I’m especially interested in the name of the song starting at around 2:00!

      • will

        Blank tapes. look em up in spotify

        • Benni

          I know it’s supposed to be the Blank Tapes but I can’t find this particular song anywhere. Haven’t tried spotify yet though.

      • The Blank Tapes

        You can check out the soundtrack to COMPASSING on THE BLANK TAPES Bandcamp page

    • The Blank Tapes

      Soundtrack now available on THE BLANK TAPES Bandcamp! (google it) 1. La La Love You 2. Don’t Ever Get Old 3. Early Birdy 4. Little Corona 5. Heel Spur (Instrumental) 6. Holy Roller (Single Version) 7. Ebbs & Flows 8. Dead Mariachi 9. Ride the Tide 10. Mi Corazon

  • mangemongland

    Freaking kneeboarders, they don’t respect anything, not even themselves!

  • Jeff Machado

    Great film, Cy. Loved everything about this. Thanks for doin what youre doin!!

  • andre Kawa

    Que video animal Parabéns iiiiiiii
    Dale surffffff

  • Jon

    What is that red board that he’s riding at the end?

  • FL

    Ok, I like it but thought it was turning into a gay lover movie around 14 min in. Pick up so guy, sleeping with him on the ground, holding hands, and dreaming of rob…. That was getting a little crazy there.

  • nick

    the screen is black i cant see anything any tips? ps i can hear audio.

  • Dennis Chase

    I went out of my way to buy a computer that would handle HD, but this still displays like a high speed slide show. Love the movie, but need a non-HD version.

  • Chucky Cheeze

    I like it… I think I’m gonna watch it again…

  • Alfredo Barandiaran

    Amazing video!

  • Nick Allen-Sandoz

    I am in love with the song at 16 min mark. But cant find it anywhere?

  • MrPoobah

    Tastefully surfed and filmed. Thanks for the memories