Coaching the Coffins

Conner and Parker Coffin are proving the benefits of surf coaching

| posted on January 30, 2013

Read more about surf coaching in “Does Every Surfer Need a Surf Coach?” by Lewis Samuels in our March Issue. Available digitally and on newsstands now.

  • Ben

    Connor is starting to shred. Very powerful.

  • WTF

    why a coach? oh yeah…so you can win the almighty contest. Contests are stupid -Coaches are stupid. Learn to surf for the fun of it. Are there coaches who teach that?


    Solid crew of dudes there! Ger is classic. The Young Wise Tails are on the right track. Keep it up boys!

  • Daniel

    Really enjoyed Ger on the OCWC webcast. Say it like u mean it!

  • Jay

    It’s easy to surf in good waves too.

  • http://none steve briggs

    What a coach can’t teach is passion, all out desire to beat your opponent. Many of the Brazilians have that due to where and how they grew up. Many had nothing. No money, no sponsors, just plain underdog desire to better themselves and possibly provide a better life for themselves and their families. Many Australians have the same underdog desire to succeed. Whereas here in Southern California you can grow up in Orange County, get sponsored, start a band, be a hipster, look like a homeless guy and you’re getting paid. And many wonder why our local “Professional” So Cal surfers can’t make it to the Tour. They get it all in their teens and don’t have that underdog mentality to improve over time. Would be really easy to name names all you have to do is look at Ads in any surf mag. Will the Coffin brothers make it to the “real” Tour with the help of Gerlach? They have one thing going against them. The zip code where they live and their desire to win at all cost. In many respects they have already made it and that could be their downfall. The heat Parker surfed yesterday at Pipe showed how far he has to go in his progression. For the sake of this discussion I don’t hate the Parkers. In fact they are awesome people.

  • Jeff

    Hey Steve,

    I don’t think you can really compare the Coffin’s to surfers from orange county. I guess it’s all socal or whatever, but the setups and hitting swells in the SB area are actually quite different from the OC and this makes for a different kind of approach/surfer. I agree with you on your points about surfers who experience “success” at a young age and the factors that contribute to competitive drive.

    Having said that, as far as the Tour, things are looking pretty good for California. I mean, we got Kolohe, Simpo, Sage, Dane and Dillon will do some events, and now Nat. There aren’t that many people competing at that level and we’re (supposing you are from ca) doing pretty well.

    Oh yeah, GO NINERS

  • Bufu

    Great point on the desire to win at all cost. Guys from CA don’t have that. As far as Jeff’s point I don’t think Ca surfers are doing that great. Dane surfs specialty events, Dillion is being pushed by sponsors and has no business being in a CT heat, Simpo, Kolohe and Nat rip but I don’t see them as title contenders. In regards to the Coffins, Connor looks to have the power and technique to go far but good luck with the surf coach thing. Look at Parko! The year after he gets rid of Luke E he wins the title. Good that did for him. Seems to me that Gerlach has found another way to avoid getting a job that demands responsibility. Good for him because I am up to my neck in responsibilities and not surfing.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Interesting points on why Californian surfers are not more successful, aside from Curren, you have no world champions (by this I mean mens, wct. shortboard, not junior or senior/masters). I may be wrong here, but I am thinking Shane Beshen and Rob Machado were the last Ca. challangers for the throne. That is a pretty poor return on all the talent or hype there is about surfers from the golden state. Considering how poor (or so I’ve heard) the surf is in Florida, even if you take the two outliers from both states – Curren and Slater, Florida still comes out on top in the World Champions stakes!

  • gannysesh

    Gerr is all, “bro, if you’re surfing in warm water, you GOTTA wear a baggy t-shirt. Rashguards are out! btw, your parents are a couple days late with their check… So if you could check on that, that would be great. Anyway, who wants to watch some surf vids!”

  • Jimmy the Saint

    jumbo – Shame on you

  • Jimmy the Saint

    That might read a little like a joke, but let me be clearer. Jumbo you are a fucking disgrace to write that about a person who has very little to do with this article, and is none of anybodys buisness. To smear somone’s reputation online is the pits, especially when someone has no means to address your claims. Its called online bullying, and unfortunatly its on the rise, and its effects can be devestating. Take a good look in the mirror Jumbo, how would you like some shit to be written online about your sister/daughter/mother/girlfriend.

  • Bruce sancho

    Hey Jimmy the aint quit crying this is surfer mag not the operah Winfrey show! Those kids live is sb ass capital of the world. Girlach is a wanna be big wave fag he’s never paddled the big stuff. Todos mavs the bay jaws or Cortez. You could tow a chimpanzee into a wave on a jet ski.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Bruce sancho – Hey man, generally I like your posts, they are usually funny, but I got to disagree with your last one. The reason this comments section is worthwhile is because there is no censorship (well none that I can see), and I think we would all like to keep it that way. But if malicious wankers like Jumbo post shit like he just did then maybe Surfer will have to look at editing the comments. Its the classic tragedy of the commons.

  • gannysesh

    Jimmy – get real. Anyone in their right mind would immediately identify Jumbo’s comment as a joke. Yes, cyber bullying is bad. No, this is not an example of cyber bullying. Yes, Connor’s girlfriend has slept with half the guys who stop into the ‘Cito Cheese & Wine Shoppe. No, the Coffins Bros aren’t even from SB; they’re from a wealthy suburb (same town as Lakey Peterson!).

  • jdubbs

    Please share more about this girlfriend, the location of her work, what time she’s there, and pictures. Just, uh, trying to understand more about the situation.
    Thanks in advance!

  • Gerr Fan

    More than anything I’m really happy Gerr seems to have a good gig going on. Nice to see him giving back and being involved while still keeping the dream alive for himself in some way. Ger is a rockstar.

  • Kilgy

    The Coffin brother’s are full of talent and the will to succeed. The coaching part will only help, many surfer’s are way too ignorant to identify their mistakes. If everyone thinks surfer’s from SB have it easy come spend a summer here. Welcome to 2013 invest or get left behind!