Clay Comes to Stay

Clay Marzo, Ry Craike, and friends hunt for slabs in the deserts of West Oz

| posted on January 02, 2012

  • Marcus de Souza

    Sorry, but I’m trying to figure out the last song… What is it called?

  • Marcelo

    Wow, best video of the year!!! ha (real good)

  • Jen Davis

    Fly by Nantes is a great tune. Love this video! Great work!!

  • Mik

    Notice that everyone is in full suits (locals!)… ‘cept Clay. He functions in another space. Legend, in every way. I often forget that he is one of the best surfers in the world, just because he is outside the media/ contest radar. But put him and Dane Reynolds in a video and it will be clear that he is in that same unique stratosphere. He does things that are hard to even understand visually, it happens so fast. Very few surfers have ever done that. You can probably say almost no one does it like Clay. He’s that unique in his style. BTW: I am stoked to see him so fit. His youthful massive carbo diet could have done him in, pound wise. Anyway, thanks Quiksilver! Please, more Marz!!! Send him everywhere. Team him with Kelly, Dane, Ry and Flores in Indo, and some mysto places. I dig his personality. The world needs more round pegs, and less square holes. He doesn’t need to fit in. He is in.

  • lou

    what is the song playing at 19 mins??!?!

  • cracka

    by far the best video of the year
    true surf stoke, gettin on the road with mates and hitting the coastal byways
    reminds me of my younger dayz. the thing is Im still on it

  • Max


  • Tom

    Clay is skinning it when everyone is in full suits… ha.

  • Boz

    Awesome video. Awesome soundtrack. Diggin it.

  • nico

    Welcome back Clay! you are the best surfer today.

  • Adam Klevin

    A beautiful production.

  • Jo

    Good to watch for sure

  • Glenn Walton

    Really diggin on how well your board behaves at speed
    She appears very slendersd out through the the rails and tail
    Super nice to watch your surfing and you have inspired the
    shaping loft with new thought , even though it’s 5 mil wetsuit time
    here in New York. You are putting a lot of fun into your surf… Right on!

  • Casperiana

    Los Surfistas ok!
    Los fotógrafos y cámaras “Je prends mon chapeau”

  • Greg Baird

    All I can say is WOW, Seeing Clay getting barrelled never gets old. Great vid Surfermag peeps. Keep em coming. Looks great on the big screen.

  • Adam

    Please leave tell me the soundtrack to this video. Would be so stoked to get the songs for my surf trippin music. Especially the song at 7:45. Please someone tell me what it is?

  • Evan

    love it at 5:40-5:50 when he disappears under the lip of the tube, like he’s melting back into the wave, and then re-emerges!

  • peter

    song playing at 15:00?

  • pete

    song at 14:00? great video

  • Max

    Awesome video and tube sequences. Even though Clay is fantastic at tricks and airs, it shows what a powerful tube rider he is he was taking heavy drops in the biggest swells and getting double and triple tubes. He is one of the best free surfers on the planet. Love you Clay. The rest of the crew are ripping too.

  • Daniel

    @ 18:20… did he just broke his board in the air ???!

    Clay should rename to flexClay… unfuck’n-believable .
    awsome SoundTrack

  • Brandon Hein

    I haven’t surfs in ages, but i love sitting back and roastin’ a b and watching you guys butter up that bean bag , this kinda footy used to cost money ! Very much appreciated brodogs!

  • mateus gonzaga

    clay is sick..the best surf in the world by farr

  • Max

    At 25:20 Clay is paddling into a new Ozzie break – and he takes a set backdoors it and drives into a 4 second barrel and just pulls out of the closeout. Clay is totally natural and gun-ho he is amazing. Sound track is awesome. Ry and crew are awesome – one of my favorite surf videos.