1,000 Frames Per Second

Slow it all down with Chris Bryan's showreel

| posted on September 22, 2016

This showreel is one that will blow your mind, guaranteed. For Videographer Chris Bryan, surfing is more than a job; it’s his passion, and he’s been fortunate to film some of surfing’s biggest names at some of the world’s best waves. Armed with a Phantom 4K camera, Bryan captures the most-intricate of movements, mechanics, and details, to the point where you can actually track water droplets in the frames — 1,000 frames per second, to be exact. You’re getting more than you could ever see with the naked eye. Hence, your mind is bound to explode. Featured surfers include Koa Rothman, Luke Davis, Craig Anderson, Albee Layer, Jeremy Flores, Chris Ross, Mick Fanning, Laurie Towner, Matt Meola, Taj Burrow, Kolohe Andino, John Florence, and Dan Ryan.

  • Barry Snyder

    From the opening shot of the water droplets, to the belly flop on the death wave, pure photographic beauty.
    So good!

  • Bridgettedove

    This is amazing, such agility.

  • Lloyd Johnston

    AMAZING! What’s the soundrack??

  • k2 Forall

    Amazing – especially the roundhouses. And that last clip – almost too painful to watch.

  • Felps

    congratulations Chris Bryan, really really awesome, good Job, the film, song, edit… so also, amazing.