Casey Goes Surfing

A Celebration of National Down Syndrome Awareness Month

| posted on October 03, 2011

Casey is 8 years old and has Down Syndrome…but it doesn’t slow him down at all. Surfing, when used positively, can make an incredible difference in peoples lives across the world. Casey’s surf in the waters of Carlsbad reminds us that it’s all about having fun.

This video was put together as a part of National Down Syndrome Awareness Month this month… (October).

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  • ken

    Inspired. Thank you for sharing.

  • steven michelsen

    hey casey, ur ripping big guy, you making us proud. your an inspiration to me just like jordy and dane…. come surf with us in south africa soon…

  • Ryan

    Yaa casey me u connor and kailin gotta go surfing soon