California Love

Mason Ho raising the bar in California, at the San Clemente Pier and Lowers

| posted on April 12, 2012

  • Henry

    hip hurrahh… videos of pros burning joes !

  • nicc

    pretty sure 90% of the joes i know would burn those kooks’s lowers get used to it

  • Daniel

    Doubt he’s a pro. most locals surf with better style. what is he doing with his hands? weird, karate chops?

  • Scott


  • Kramer

    Keep sending in those vids to the surf mags, Mason. It’s the only way you’ll ever make it as a “pro” surfer.

  • sam

    I’d be interested to hear what bar it is he’s raising? But for his daddy, you’d never even hear of this “pro”.

  • Alex

    Snake and wannabepro…
    Bad vibes.

  • me

    Wish the guy would have speared him with his board

  • bropro

    i thought it was funny

  • johnny utah

    could have been worse…at least we didnt have to watch another Kolohe video