Bruce Irons’ Scariest Moments

Bruce shares the most terrifying moments of his life for our September Issue

| posted on August 07, 2012

From a feature in our September issue, themed Conquering Fear. On newsstands now. Buy the digital version here.

  • wyatt

    Normally you come down on a guy for clutching his cell during an interview, but I’ll assume Bruce was expecting a call from Pulitzer and/or Nobel and/or Mensa, so he’s forgiven.

  • pineapple tree Gregg

    Bruce’s eyes are reeeeeeaaaallllllllyyyyyyyy red. Excessive visine use can exacerbate this condition along with other factors. Pinapple tree Gregg recommends a switch to Rhotos.

  • oahu/kauai boy

    dear pineapple greg.

    its called a pterygium (commonly reffered to as surfers eye)

    thanks for your opinion.

  • Mik

    stud. just like Andy. stud. cannot believe their ability to surf at the highest level of performance in the heaviest part of any wave. totally my heroes… always.

  • manrique

    bruce the best!!!!

  • manrique

    bruce and andy the best surfers ever!!

  • Mik

    stud. just like Andy. stud. always the heaviest moves on the heaviest position of the wave, with flawless poise and style. totally my heroes. always. i hope Bruce produces more videos, in more exotic locations, and evolves to his full potential. thnx for the inspiration.

  • Mik

    (sorry for repeat, computer glitch made it appear that my comment hadn’t been posted.) (doh!)

  • Max

    Bruce is a legend. Bruce also ripped in competition and just needed to be more consistent. One of the WCTs back in France and Bruce totally comboed Kelly in 8-10 foot beachbreak. Bruce had flashes of Andys talent in competition and crazy free surfing ability at Pipe and Chopes.

  • suzy

    Amigo, I just read How to Surf Teahupoo, now my moments will be twice as scary.

  • santa

    bring bruce back to the WCT…

  • Fender

    Thanks for sharing. Definite legend in his lifetime.

  • bason

    Fucking Irons Brothers rule…keeping it real…AI miss you….Bruce …We hope you stay with us forever bra……you guys are “surfing”……thanks bro…

  • surfergrirl79

    Andy mean a lot to me. I think of him every day, but please can we stop comparing AI and BI? Bruce is a great surfer and he is unique, like all of us… just ask yourself if you like it to be compared with someone else. I hate it, and being compared with my sister, I hate most. I`m sure Bruce is not like Andy. He is making his own and very different experiences: He had become a father – and believe me (I`m a mother) this changes your life totally… anyway, I wish him all the best – love and light.

  • SarahV

    What’s the song plz ??