Brothers on the Run

An Alaskan surf session in the midst of a trip from the top to the bottom of the Americas

| posted on June 13, 2012

  • tom moring

    since it only takes a year to be “good enough” to be a professional snowboarder, perhaps a better description would be “slackers intentionally trying to be weird and wacky just for weird and wacky’s sake” Going into the backcountry by helicopter and building a kicker with a perfect landing, then hitting it a million times without actually doing any real “riding” does not qualify as backcountry snowboarding. sorry

  • mike

    welp, I can tell you don’t “snowboard” often. That was about as backcountry and real as it gets. I guess you would have hiked those lines? might take ya a day for 1 run. As a surfer and snowboarder I respect both sports they are both unique. I don’t talk shit about seeing the same air 5,000 times on the some mushy gay wave with no consequence. Or all the egomaniac surfers that blog every crap they take. I don’t know what mountains you ride (probably bear mt) but it takes a long time to be comfortable and safe in the backcountry.

  • Tom moring

    Well, mike. I’m guessing that you have little to no backcountry experience like every other “professional” snowboarder. No, having your lame sponsor pay to have you helicoptered into a constructed kicker does not take skill or experience. Once again, nice try. Don’t try to make trite evens seem “extreme” because they just arent

  • Dan jorling

    I agree with Tom. Helicopters per se are not a problem. In fact, they are awsome. Seeing pro snowboarders hitting a constructed jump with a perfect landing and calling those adventures backcountry seems canned. If there is three feet of powder, these activities seem lame. Also, mike, could you and your rad brethren stop ruining every chute by sliding down sideways? Boards have edges, please use them. Should I be afraid of these “gay waves.”


    as a snowboarder that also surfs you guys are just both haters obviously from what you have written…. this IS not easy backcountry so get your ego back together. you still have been snowboarding more than all your buddies but definetly DO NOT know what you are even talking about travis rice is VERY experienced so once again you do not know what u are talking about at all. But surfing still is hard and i must say those airs on a surfboard are not very easy and do have consequence if u land wrong not all breaks have sand at least 6 feet down… SHRED TIL DEATH SNOW WATER CONCRETE and fuck the people who try to distinguish which is “better”.

  • surfer1234

    It only takes one year to become a pro snowboarder? Sorry pal a lot longer than that, maybe for surfing tho…

  • enjoytheride

    Maybe you two haters should actually pay attention to the episode, and listen to one of the heaviest big waves chargers, Ian Walsh.

    A bit more info, since it appears you have actually have no clue. The kickers aren’t ‘constructed’ for them. They build them with their own hands, and it takes great skill to know where and how to do that…

    Why hate? Respect it all… it’s not a competition!

    Surf, Skate, Shred… Enjoy the ride!!!