Breaking Point

A remote and ruthless mystery slab pushes an international group of chargers to their limits

| posted on December 16, 2013

  • Bryce

    How rad …

  • sdfsdf

    that inside section is a bitch

  • TomHouse

    If my neighbors had seen this video they’d probably understand why I just screamed for two minutes straight. As it is I’m sure they hate me now.

  • yew

    is that fish charging from 1:30-2 min? holy shit hats off bruvva

  • James B

    Why Paul Fisher was only going in the safer, smaller waves???

  • fmank

    whats this song called

  • cool cat

    song’s “pda” by part time.

  • Blow Hole

    Did Michael J Fox film this? Epic tubes tho

  • Scott

    Sick! How bout that Devil end section?

  • StreetZombie

    That end section was so gnarley. Everyone was getting taken out.
    Wish they would have shown what happened when they straighten out.