Bobby Speaks his Mind

Bobby Martinez elaborates on the frustrations he voiced in New York

| posted on September 15, 2011

  • joseph

    hi bobby i agree what you said is from your heart .and you are right about the world we live in is getting worse by the day. you where smart enough not to get caught up in that political bs very unfair to the pros who have worked hard for many years like yourself. so my point is the Lord is coming very soon! and we wont have to deal with junk like the asp for our citizen ship is in heaven with our Savoir and King Jesus Christ God Bless Bobby por vida! time for a free surf!

  • James McGibby

    They kicked him out of the event so he “wouldn’t beat Kelly”? Holy hell, Bobby has just taken “delusional” and kicked it up about ten notches. What a sore loser.

  • Marcus Kaufner

    Good riddance. Dude started running his mouth a lot more than actually surfing well. New guys like John John, Medina and Pupo are going to be sick to watch.

  • mikey

    some one take the camera away from this dumb bastard – try a day laying bricks and then bitch to me about your life as a pro surfer

  • m r

    bobby is his own worst enemy…talk about flushing your career down the toilet…sponsors are going to all go away…start looking for a new gig..hope ftw takes off (doubt it) because you might be able to work in the warehouse

  • Leaf

    I totally believe that the pro tour is run for the benefit of the huge corporate sponsors, who only have to pretend that they are giving the participants a say in directing the show. I mean, if it’s good enough for the unites States government it’s good enough for surfing.

  • http://na uluwatu surfer

    I believe everyones opinion is very important for change, especially someone as close to surfing, and the industry,as bobby. The industry is in search of a larger audience. I love to watch these amphibious athletes draw their lines on the surface of the sea ( live VIA internet), the most pure, creative artistic self expression known in the universe. Drawing attention to the sea is what all surfers and surfing does which leads to some awareness and preservation of our oceans. Surfing still remains the purest venue on the planet, as is the sea, maybe pro surfing should be kept as close as it can to that original model ? I do not think bobby should be crucified for speaking his truth ,nor the industry for speaking their truth. Surfing is good for the world lets keep it that way……. This is only my opinion

  • RicardoSanchez

    See you at the checkout line bobby, thanks for bagging my groceries.

  • mike

    Bobby. So many people have said so much about you, but I think it boils down to this: You are a truly gifted surfer, with more God-given talent than most, its such a pity that you feel the need to show off to your boxing and gangster friends, because I promise you, once the money stops rolling in, and the public have forgotten about you (this will happen quicker than you think), those guys wont care about you anymore. I dont think youre good enough to make it as a boxer, and certainly not hard enough to make it as a gangster, dude, you are about to slip into total obscurity. Bobby, do the right thing pal, apologise, surf a few primes, get back on the tour, and take your opportunity to be a great. Stop being a show off bro. Its a bad look.

  • Joe

    Again, Bobby you STATED that you do not want to be on the tour. It is the first thing you said in that interview on the beach. So don’t be on the tour.

  • Scott

    You talk about Parko losing and taking it like a man, but all we hear from you is whining. Show up at some contests, make it through some heats and the cutoff will not be an issue for you. I can’t wait to watch the new guys on tour at lowers and I am happy that I don’t have to watch the same 5 guys who can’t make it through a heat on the CT. Just like any sport it is driven by the fans not the surfers and I am a fan who likes the new format. If you don’t want to be a part of it than we don’t want to watch you. Good luck!

  • once a hero

    used to be a big Bobby fan – he USED to come across as quite humble – he USED to come across as quite approachable – he’s managed to blow that quite unceremoniously – FTW? A brand? Took a while to even find their website – when you do, there’s no product, just general ranting – a really sad state of affairs, as I can’t help but feel that Bobby’s peer group – wannabe gangster hype nonsense – is turning him into this ugly beast. And as his attitude’s got uglier, so his surfing has followed suit too. Sad, very sad – Bobby: do the right thing man – clean your act up, realise how good you actually have it, take a trip down to Haiti, to Ethiopia, anywhere – realise how good your life was. You still have the power to make that change – continue as you are, and you’ll only keep alienating the very people that USED to idolise you….please man!

  • Dandaman

    Great post Mike. There are more holes in Bobby’s monologue than a dartboard.
    So Bobby wasn’t happy with his previous sponsors? Wait and see the whipping he’s going to get when the shit hit’s the fan with this bunch of thugs.

  • Pat

    wow…not long ago Andy Iron’s was saying the same thing Bobby is saying. He too burned out and had lost his motivation for being in the water. The level of hate being directed at Bobby by near do well’s and wanna be seen’s on this forum is sick. How about everyone give Bobby some room to breath and a couple of pats on the back for sticking with his game for this long. I’ll lay good money that Bobby can do a few boat trips with his real friends and in about a 1/2 year he’ll be in the frame of mind to take down any comer that comes his way on the tour. Lighten up haters…you make the world suck

  • david

    Even in the US, where we live in freedom & freedom to say what we want, voicing your opinion is your right, and individuals should not be punished for it. I think Bobby is right! Big ASP sponsors like Quicksilver have control over what goes on behind the scenes. (i.e. Board of Directors) can make decision to cut people off the tour & all the big wigs can make or break you. If they dont like what they see they’ll kick you off the tour. Lets get back to the old school where being a Surfer was more of an Artform & freedom of expression & not some Bubblegum corporate kiss ass cometition!!

  • Dandaman

    Pat. How about giving Travis Logie, Heitor Alves, Kai Otton, Chris Davidson (to name but a few) a pat on the back for slogging it out for years with half the talent and sponsor options Bobby had (and blew). This is nobodys fault but Bobby’s.

  • hamburger

    bobby you are a tool.

    try a real days work before crying about how hard life on the tour is

  • Noah Dundas

    people need to stop hating. why is everybody allowed to bitch about their jobs, life, the world… in a so called free country but as soon as someone who is perceived as having cushy spot is not allowed these freedoms? pro athletes, movie stars, whatever … all work very hard at their craft, harder than all you lazy asses complaining about them, that’s why they are who they are and you are who you are.

  • Dandaman

    Last time I checked the person who started all this hating was Bobby Martinez.

  • Brah

    So let me get this straight. We’re always judging you by your cover? The guy who screams fuck the ASP on an ASP webcast? Yeah real judgmental of Quiksilver to kick you out. As far as I’m concerned anyone’s judgment of you now is based solely on your true colors. Especially rediculous are the Scarface quotes in the beginning, isn’t that movie about the downfall of a paranoid asshole? Maybe we’ll just call Bobby Tony Montana from now on.

  • Brew

    Stop Whinning like a little girl Bobby

  • Brendan Goosen

    Nice one dood!

  • Royden

    i heard FTW means ‘for the win’. pretty gay havin that all over your shit dude.