Bethany Hamilton Discusses Kauai, Barrels, and Surfing with One Arm

| posted on October 22, 2009

  • trystin

    Bethany Hamilton is an amazing surfer and is my role model i want to follow in her foot steps so i guess i should learn to surf. her story inspired me to get back in water after my boating accident in 2009 off the coast of oregon, so now i go boating all the time with my friends!

  • http://YouTube Kylinn

    Bethany Hamilton if there is one thing I
    Could do in my life it would be to meet
    You. You are my roe model to life.
    I love your story and I can’t stop
    Learning about you. I hope you actually
    Read this,and If you do you will fulfill
    My dreams. Bethany Hamilton you have
    The best story in the world! 🙂

  • Kylinn chambers

    Bethany hamilton you have a great story and if I could do anything right now it would be to meet you. You really are very cool and your story of faith,family,and fighting to get back on board is really cool. Hang loose <3