Belharra Meets Hercules

Heart-pounding footage from the XXL session at the deepwater reef

| posted on January 08, 2014

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  • timmy

    The shittiest big wave in the world!

    • Love my waves

      Any respect for local people? If you have enough money to travel for each wave, happy for you:)

    • Paul S

      Still, it looks like a pretty awesome drop, and bigger than any wave I’ve ever surfed.

    • Adrian

      Probably still bigger than you would ever paddle out in.

  • Declan

    Incredible! So much respect and props for these brave souls!

  • Mark Gregory

    Looks like it wasn’t really big enough for the spot something. Only that one wave even really broke.

  • Borat Sagdiyev

    CNN please get MR. Burkhart on the line, we need confirmation regarding whether Mr. Dorain “made”that wave.

  • amosandy

    Unbelievable….the clean up wave made me sh*t my pants and I am just watching it from a desk!!