Behind the Cover

March 2011: Alex Gray on his wave of the winter

| posted on January 31, 2011

Click here for a sneak peek inside the March issue.

  • classic

    So happy for Alex. Kid charges.

  • john

    how come i got the cover with only SURFER on it…and not any other writing????? please email me back

  • Youth

    I bet alex bought the cover himself…

    dusty looks soooooo stoked for alex…

  • bob

    should be Holly Beck.

  • jason

    Think a big pat on the back for Photographer Todd Glaser is in order for making that cover shot happen!

  • Wes

    The cover looks SOOO much better without all the noise and just the photo. Great design, clean, and great photo, really captured whole essence of the wave. Favorite cover in years!

  • tyler

    This video made it seem like the ceo of volcom gave him the cover.

  • Maharichie

    Yes! Love the plain cover with awesome colors that we love of the ultimate experience on a wave! This cover reminds me of the old days (70s) Surfer covers. More like this please!

  • jimbob

    Yeah Dusty’s reaction is a bit strange. Maybe he was sleepy. Go Alex!

  • sb

    Sick…. Last person from the South Bay to get the cover was Greg Browning and before that Steve Howe…

  • christopher

    Sweet! What a great shot. Great surfing.

  • gremo2011

    dusty…way unstoked….come one, u rip too, u should feel stoked for your volcom team mate boss! instead hater face. hmmm, uncool.

  • greg crossen

    just meet the guy at my local brake and could not be happier for him and the mag a very respectful surfer, what a breath of fresh air ,see you at the rock.

  • j

    Such a good kid, deserves all he gets!!

  • Marcus Fender

    Great cover. Like the “shout out” to Greg Browning.

  • Matty Berg

    Great shot- dont bother surfing Logs though-it sucks!!