Behind the Cover: June 2011

Paul Fisher get surprised in Bali with his first cover shot

| posted on May 02, 2011

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  • T street

    A bunch of spoiled narcissistic goons hanging out in Bali, waxing on about how rad they are. How can the “bible ” of our sport kow tow to this kind of overt manipulation by powerful surf companies? Does anyone at the mag have a spine?

  • JAZZ-ercise

    Fuckin bloody hell! The parrot head gets a cover, thats classic! let me guess some central american beachy 2-3 foot,, nice well done,, along with T street comment- just a bunch of spin less squids! TURKEY STUFFING…Paul GO HOME#%*?

  • Mik

    The Fishman is soooo rad. The epitome of the Aussie surf stoke and craze… And he rips too…!

    Tstreet: ur way too serious dude.

  • Barney

    T Street: stop trying to sound intellectual. You are being the epitome of a “narcissistic goon.” As you can tell by Fisher’s reaction, he is beyond humbled by the fact that he gets to grace the cover of our sports “bible.” It seems as though you are projecting your envy and jealousy onto someone else that appreciates the life he lives…..

  • Sorba

    i just threw up in my mouth

  • Dirt

    Most of the time i am proud to be an Aussie, this is not one of those times.

  • Alek

    Sad, this guy gets a cover when there are a diverse group of people all over the world that epitomize our sport. This guy is a half-baked lunatic whose sole purpose is to fill a comedy niche in the sport. He’s no one’s hero, but fulfills all the negative stereotypes that surfers are given – lack of intelligence, life’s one big party mentality, and little leadership outside his small mind. I would rather see someone from life rolls on or a photo of the men, service men, fighting for our country rather than this industry poster-boy. Your readers are a bit more intelligent to embrace a ” Jeff Spicoli.”

  • Alex

    It’s a pity that the sport of kings is represented by the sadly stereotypical image of a modern surfer with a two word vocab.

  • Danny Israel

    he looks so wired in the video as well..better to find a NO NAME who can actually surf…but this one just look like a happy clown that landed from a high tripland.
    perhaps girls like Bethany Hamilton should get a cover…or talented new Laura Enever..we guys like girls you know… :))))

  • shannon

    You guys are all clowns. Cant believe you cant be stoked for the kid. Life Rolls on, Bethany Hamilton, Jef Spicoli…geee so harsh let the lad enjoy his time in the sun.
    Well done Fish.

  • Nutty

    ahh Fish luv it mate….

  • Mik

    Danny Israel: Don’t spout off about someone you know nothing about. Paul Fisher is a very good surfer.

  • Dr. No

    What a fucking joke! All these barns talkin’ out their necks. Get a life and get some pussy while your at it… might relax dem hate cells. Fish for president and anyone who disagrees can eat a big fat dick

  • jon

    paul fisher should be the man on the beach for the webcasts, but I agree that he doesn’t really deserve a cover. It’s like giving an academy award to “the hangover”…

  • http://surfer kimbo

    since when did Cover Shot surfers need to be community role models ? you can complain all you want but he owns it now .

  • http://yahoo bacca

    Get stuffed all you jealous arse holes..great to see a different face in the race..go back to your holes and hybernate like you obviously do all year round…well done fish at least you know how to have fun ..thanks for the laughs..suck eggs arse holes and keep paddlin … u never know ou might make a cover

  • JT

    Leave the bloke alone he deserves a cover shot for being so damn entertaining. He’s a refreshing change from the sanitised cover boys (and girls) we are used to seeing. Some of us still like to get a bit loose and have a laugh every now and then… mark my words one day when we become the “nanny state” we are striving towards we’ll look back wistfully at characters like the Fish and wonder where they’ve all gone….

  • Oscar

    Yeah Fish!!!!
    New faces deserve it, keep having fun, you are the men!!!!, all this people who have no life talking bad about others accomplishments, thanks to them we are the focus of attention and everybody knows us,because of their jealousy

  • boomba

    All the fake comments above listed minutes apart from one another just to show support.

    A complete sham = this comment board.
    bacca 4:48
    JT – 4:55

    Too bad, your readers see right through it.

    • Brendon Thomas

      @boomba comments await approval in a queue. We approve them at various intervals throughout the day, often we approve multiple comments at once.

  • Sharky

    Geez….Be stoked for the guy…He was selected for a reason. One for good surfing and it’s a great shot. Good for Fish and the photog!! Don’t be a hater…

  • M&S

    YEEW Fisha!! Keep up the good work and update ya blog mate haha
    Greetings from Germany

  • YoSol

    yeew fish is the man! he seriously deserves an oscar.. keep it up mate

  • kealanui

    Sick cover Fisher! Keep up the good work man.. You deserve it!

  • oozoo

    absolutely loves this kid haha funniest c*nt ever