Behind the Cover

Nathan Fletcher talks us through the heaviest wave of his life

| posted on November 11, 2011

Check out our profile on Nathan in our December issue, available on newstands and in our digital edition now.

  • honey

    Nathan that is so gotta have what it takes to take off on a wave like is cool to hear your dad on the boat freaking out with joy at your wave..what a coup<3

  • Christo

    All the respect to Nathan for dropping and surviving this thing but generally spoken I dont see the point of promoting and commercializing surfing where even the heroes are in fear of dying.
    I mean literally panicking and shit – what s that supposed to be good for? someone elses wallet?

  • Mitch

    Crazy stuff and way beyond what 99% of the worlds surfers could fathom until seeing it up close. I have been reading a number of posts from so many different articles and all I hear is people bagging and being negative towards surfers that make their living from surfing and making some money from it. These guys have been waterman for most of their lives with little payoff. It’s not like they have woken up one day thought of a gimmick and tried to sell it to the mass media. It’s years of work and sacrifices. It is so the general public can see into the lives of surfers and see what they do, and not them just whoring themselves out at the drop of a hat. Common give these guys some credit and drop the tall poppy syndrome from behind your laptops

  • Whamo

    He’s come a long way from riding the inside at Old Man’s.

  • pat


    Sorry that people have made you so emotional about the sport. Thanks for standing up and defending them as human beings man. your message was so eye opening. I see the truth now man.

  • Red Sandrippa

    Sic shit Nate..heavy wave,,but wrong board..right? mahalo big nuts.


    Congrats to Nathan on Continuing ti Rip Hard well Beyond his Legendary Grandfather, Father and Brother’s Accomplishments. I think we can all say he is The Man Now! That Wave is Disgustingly Sick and I’m glad he survived it. I’m not Sure if even Eddie would Go….PS- Nathan’s a Ripping Skateboarder too…Blessings, HACKMAN!

  • Robert Quirk

    Pretty hardcore….not much you can do when an exploding lip implodes in the barrel. Looks like your rail released and there was nothing else you could do….pretty big huevos….

  • Eric

    Nate’s comments on Sion were the most memorable and moving words I have ever read in a surf rag.

    Respect for both.