Behind the Cover

Ian Walsh breaks down his massive Mexican barrel

| posted on July 05, 2011

If you’re in Waikiki this Thursday, drop by the Big Issue Release Party at Crazybox at the Edition Hotel, hosted by Ian Walsh.

  • Marcus Fender

    Wow, nice video. I like the comment, “….full scorpion….” That wave packs a whollop. Nice editing too, I was on the edge of my seat to see the entire wave / video for the the final results of the ride.

  • Marcelo

    come on, bring some Prime events news!!! it is pumping!

  • not hate

    cover, but no make?

  • Ev

    I agree. No make for a cover. WEAK!

  • Jaime Glenn

    and-and-and Dorian won a second category XXL to tie skindog’s feat of winning two categories – whiff my video that Spicoli-Milli-Vanilli still claims – with an un-made wave. POSEFESTERS.

  • Mateo

    Eddie would have made it…
    Come on Surfer, though it is a beautiful photo, he didn’t make it! Greg Noll didn’t fall his way into history in Makaha that day.