Behind the Scenes

A day with Nate Tyler at his Central California abode

| posted on February 03, 2013

  • Jimmy the Saint

    That is the good life! Interesting that he didn’t grow up by the sea, anyone of other pros who were raised away from the ocean, whould be interesting to find out who had the furthest to travel!

  • Fanny Alger

    Nate Tyler is rad.

  • throm

    damn, Nate. You are really living the dream. I hope to have a sick ranch with my family and with tons of animals one day. Keep charging

  • Scott

    Cool dude! Jimmy the Saint: Chris Ward is from Texas.

  • Andres Poggi

    THAT”S AWESOME PLACE !!!!! bro Im from Venezuela but I live in San Diego.. Great life.. I had dirt bike too.. I want to do the same thin..

  • Johnny Awol

    That is the life!