Behind the Cover

Shane Dorian gets surprised with his January cover at the Hawaiian Pro

| posted on November 28, 2012

For more from Shane Dorian and this session at Jaws, check out the January issue, available digitally and on newsstands now.

  • rw

    He doesn’t seem as excited as he should be.

  • bodhizaffa

    probs cuz its his 567th cover.

  • bruno

    Shane is so insane! I wish Kelly were like him in big surf… c´mon Kelly, give it a try when you retire.

  • Ryan

    Unreal, full on tubes!!!! But, come on! Let’s see the paddle in, isn’t that what it’ s all about?

  • Tony Carlson

    I think Shane Dorian is like the first guy’s on the moon…com’on give him credit for just being out in these massive waves, and you have to turn around with your back to this massive wall behind you and paddle for all your worth hopefully on a really fast paddeling and surfable board, no room for any errors! Take the drop down 30-60′ faces with giant water pitching overhead..just the sound is like thunder cracking all around! Shane Dorian is a pioneer rep for those who dare to follow him and Ian Walsh too!

  • OQ

    He wasn’t surprised because the cover came out about a week before this interview took place. I have a feeling he might of seen it before this fictional interview took place….I’m sure Dorian grudgingly played along….C’mon Surfer mag!