Behind the Cover

Kalani Robb reacts to being back on the cover of SURFER Magazine

| posted on October 07, 2012

For more about Kalani Robb and the Momentum Reunion, check out the November issue, available digitally and on newsstands now.

  • mo

    thumbs up for kalani for being such a humble person!

    and for kelly for “sponsoring” him…nice move!

  • bob deweese

    good on kelly for making it happen for you, thats what friends are for,really glad to see kalani got his ego back in check. doesnt take long when things start to fade away, keep it up



  • Whamo

    A lot of nurses at Loma Linda hospital raved about meeting Kalani at an event for teaching kids how to surf. It’s good karma efforts like Kalani’s and Sunny’s with kids that are slowly changing the surfer image for the better.

  • Ben

    That surfing is too good to keep bottled up!

  • Kaipo

    I watched Kalani charge HUGE Hookipa during the HPAC back in the day and apparently he’s still charging it and ripping it still today!! What a true LEGEND!! Keep it up Kalani, you da man!!:)

  • Al sanchez

    Good things happen to good people and you are a great person. Really happy for you.

  • Pierre

    Keep it up Kalani! Love his humility and his style. He’s an inspiration to me, I grew up watching him and the rest of the taylor steele crew in videos in the 90s. I wondered what he was up to during all this time. Aloha! I really would like to see him attempting a comeback on the Tour like T Knox or Occy.

  • Love surfing

    Kalani is amazing, still! We need to see less airs and more style! Love his humble attitude! Glad to see him getting back into it! Someone sponsor him!!! Stoked seems he was gone helping kids, getting married and having a baby! Good on him and Kelly! Hope this all works out for him and he gets a second shot at surfing he’s a great role model!

  • Livetosurf

    So humble so stoked for him! Someone sponsor him we need more examples of that smooth style from the momentum generation an great surf icons. I’ve seen him with his baby he’s a wonderful person and dad and husband and deserves another shot, good luck to him and that’s awesome of Kelly to have helped him! Good friend!

  • Northshoreborn



  • Surfer Girl

    Oh my god! My fave surfer ever!!!! He’s sooooo hot! So glad to see his gorgeous self back out there! Gotta love and support hot surfers! Especially ones from Hawaii!!! Hot hot hot! Approved!!!!!


    How the hell does KALANI ROBB not have a sponsor??!! This has baffeled me for the last few years. The guys an icon!

  • sammy

    Great article-so glad to see Kalani Robb back on the waves-he has been my favorite surfer since I was young! Hope to see a lot more of him-keep on Bro.

  • christian nguyen

    dont let a talent like that go to waste Kalani Robb is the man and pretty much surfing is what he is here for.. his whole life has been around surfing. icon for sure!

  • bighouse

    Nice and humble since his ‘MightyMight’ section in Wave Warriors 4

  • Jo

    Kalani should be shooting for the wqs, better than working at the office. I would if i was him!!

  • Marcelo

    Come on Kelly, bring the guy for the quiksilver team! We need him back around

  • Rydog

    It was an honor to have experienced this insane trip with Kalani and the boys. They were all amazing surfers and friends. My best friend of 26 yrs and I got to hang out with all of these legends for 10 days in Indo. So epic!

    By the way, Kalani was absolutely ripping on this trip.

  • Bobo

    We need this guy back in the water ace f***** snap!

  • Curtis

    Everyone experiences things as they get older and are humbled by life in general. Life is humbling and Kalani has definitely matured. I bet his surfling improves in his mid-30s because he now can appreciate it more than ever. Good luck with the family and surf and stay humble.

  • http://n/a Juddy Bentley

    Yeah, I agree with the comments.. Robb you have spent enough time on land.. it’s back in the water for you buddy, we need some inspiration and surf clinic.. how to make those hard cuts!

  • Mik

    I have long believed that Kalani is one of the best surfers ever. And also I have observed that he seems to make impulsive decisions that undermine who he is talent wise. I really hope that he has come to grips with this. He’s still young. He could still break through any door he choses: free surfer, or WCT. But he needs to stop blaming others, and make calm decisions that secure solid sponsors. I hope it’s not too late, because even his short cameo in Sipping Jetstreams was electric. I just am totally in awe of his natural ability and creativeness in the water. I could watch Kalani surf for hours on end. He needs to film film film; Indo, Tavarua, Tahiti, Hawaii, Lowers, whatever. Get some fresh new film and make a statement. Charge some heavy waves like Andy. You’ve got more muscle now, use it!

  • Mike McBride (DynoComm)

    Back in the days of the Bud Surf Tour the Kalani vs Timmy battle was every bit as much fun to watch as the Tommy/Occy, Kelly/Andy etc. rivalries, Just because they were so young and so far above the bar. The fact that the “preschool” was adopted by the “new school” was no surprise. Awesome people, Awesome surfers. I was so stoked to see you on the cover Kalani. Congrats!!!

  • Betta

    K-Robb is the Man! BIG UPS to Kelly for helping him pay for the trip. He needs to be in the water and I LOVE watching his vid parts. Great style…very STEEZY and oh so humble now! Congrats Kalani on baby, a new outlook and surfer cover.

  • brandon

    This guy is a stud, somebody sponsor him for God’s sake . This is the kind of surfer that makes me buy product… He’s down to earth, RIPS and comes off like an all around good guy which is WAY more than I can say for more than a few of the paid surfers out there (especially from Hawaii). Get this guy back in the water ASAP!!!!!

  • Sean

    Definitely one of the best surfers of all time. Sponsors need to wake up and get Kalani back in the free surf scene. 808 ALL DAY!

  • Matteo

    I cannot believe Kalani Robb is without a sponsor. The industry people should hurry up and get him in the water full time asap. I saw him surf once in Puerto a few years ago… amazing! one of the coolest surfers ever. Come on Hurley, shame on you.

  • El loco drogadicto

    Who is Kalani to the surfing world?……mmmm…well, if Kelly Slater, the 11 times world champion sponsors you a trip that kind of tells you who this guy is. Met him in Mazatlán last year and I can tell you that besides his outstanding surfing he is one of the greatest surfing personalities there is out there (humble, kind, friendly,easy going). A true ambassador for the sport….one of the guys in the comments above is damn right, if I see two products that I like with the same quality I would go for the one Kalani endorses without a doubt. A well done marketing study would reveal to sponsors that people that make money buy stuff for their kids…but we also buy stuff…we are the one with the budget.

  • Mat “The Ra”t Hammond

    Kalani dude, you are a super surfer, icon and someone we all love to watch surfing. Someone please pay this guy a wage (to surf) for God’s sake!!!!