Kekoa Bacalso puts it on rail in the tropics

| posted on May 02, 2013

  • wado

    Kekoa is such a ripper!!! Awesome vid guys! I don’t know him personally, but I always hope for nothing but the best for that guy. From what I’ve seen on websites and what I’ve heard from people that do know him, he sounds like a super cool guy.

    I was out surfing at my local spot on a typical crappy day, and I see this guy absolutely destroying this small weak warbly wave, with so much speed and power that it just didn’t even look real. He was still only a teenager then, but he’s had hero status in my book since then.

  • Tony Carlson

    So the Steven Seagal – karate kid look alike! He has a great future ahead of him, he is fearless in pursuing every wave as far as he can, and has fluid moves-stylin Kekoa!