Bali Twins

Ellis Ericson spends some quality time on his twin-fin in Bali

| posted on February 26, 2013

  • brastrive


  • Carlos Espejo

    Haven’t we seen enough of this pretentious rubbish yet? Isn’t this just another way for those who really can’t cut it to get some fame by being groovy and hip and alternative? Maybe I’m just becoming a grumpy old bugger but at least Dane Reynolds’ is a legitimate A+ grade performer as opposed to the legions of ‘never has beens’, who seem to be multiplying like rats at the moment.

  • Scotty B.

    Why the bitterness, Carlos? Comparing this cat to Dane Reynolds is like comparing apples to oranges…two completely different animals. This guy’s positioning and tube riding are insane, even if his style is a bid overdone.

  • riles

    @carlos…id like to see you riding a twinnie at keramas when it’s breaking like that…ellis makes it look easy

  • BH

    Nothing against the surfer, but that board is a barking dog, that does nothing better than a tri. A narrow tailed twin won’t release the outer fin before you lay it over, so if one were to try laying it over, it would release that fin after you had already extended, and you’d go “splat”…thus the lack of laying it over in the video (“carving”, for those unacquainted with the concept). And if you’re not going to carve, might as well surf a tri; they are best at that.

  • dante rondo

    Ya this cat can surf with style and flair, and on a twin in those fast hollow waves too boot ! Carlos eat your heart out cause you are not on Bali surfing those waves !!

  • EMaki

    yeah , looks like good surfing in good waves to me. Because it is. Carlos – let us know when you start shaping your own boards and then actually surf well on them. Until then , keep being you. You’re killing it.