The Tube of Your Dreams

The Aussie tubehound Anthony Walsh gets unfairly barreled in Indo

| posted on July 01, 2014

Anthony Walsh does nothing but get tubed. That’s it, that’s all. You woke up this morning, maybe had a quick surf, then pulled yourself together and went to work or school. Walsh woke up in a tropical jungle somewhere, ate a pineapple, then went for a marathon session, during which he got more barreled on his first wave than you have in your whole damn life. Later, that same day, you ate a granola bar and daydreamed about getting a little head dip after work; Walsh was dancing around on the foam ball of some big blue cavern. After work, you headed for the beach, saw a couple little wedges that looked fun, pulled on a grimy wetsuit, and, at the same time—whoosh, Walsh was flying out of a 50-yard screamer, dry-haired, having not so much as looked at a computer all day.

For example, while all of us were at the DMV, the dentist, The Container Store, wherever, Walsh made this incredible clip at what looks to be Desert Point, in about the dreamiest conditions imaginable. If you’re counting at home, that’s five (5!) barrels on just this one wave. Setting up for the fourth section—the really big perfect tube—Walsh looks bored. Imagine the ridiculous face you’d be making right there.

After this wave, Walsh caught another, then another, then another. At no point during his day did he daydream about anything else.

  • Tim King

    good lord I only dream of a day like that!

  • waxon

    best gopro so far…thanx for the dreamy sequence

  • whamo

    What’s next? Skeleton Bay contest with the world’s best goofy foots using GoPro to capture the best clip?

  • Ty Grande

    You’re the man Anthony, keep doing what you’re doing and keeping the dream alive for all of us desk jockeys!

  • Jax

    This can’t be real. Who’s panning around him like that? There’s no way he’s holding the camera and switching hands like that. It looks pretty digital too. It’s nice to dream 🙂

  • Pavel Shershnev

    Where in Indo are such waves?

  • Tom from Tokyo

    Looks like it might have been Nth Steyne?

  • tony j spedale

    stoked to the max clear cool ocean power all the day long