A Mavericks Mauling

Video of Mavericks regular Alex Martins paying the piper

| posted on January 23, 2014

Alex Martins is a Mavericks standout (4th in the Mavs contest last season), a competitor on the Big Wave World Tour, and the best ding repair man in San Francisco. On Monday, while getting in some Mavericks work, he got stuffed on a beast and took the worst beating of his life. It was bad enough to keep him from competing in the Mavericks event this Friday. Bummer.

See photos from these sessions in Going Off: Mavericks.

  • Annie Layer

    Y’all stay safe!!!

  • Reid W Harris III

    wow, i can’t imagine being held down under that wave

  • Tico

    Literally monstrous…. like a heard of elephants charging!!!

  • Jeff Barber

    Drowning is a horrible way to die. Mavericks has taken many a soul and will gladly take more. But thrills don’t come cheap. Sometimes near death experiences make a guy think twice… wonder what this guy is thinking?

    • Rochi Sheckler

      Remember, Surf or die!

  • stinky


  • Craig

    Kudos for him being in great enough shape to be alive and for the clean up crew!

  • Morton Kikkoman

    Whoa!!! Glad he is OK!! That looked really scary.

  • Guillermo Castillo

    Woww…poor guy. Really terrific wipeout.
    Thats why I dont surf monsters like that.
    My respect for big wave surfers.

  • David

    Heavy biz my friends. If you cant handle the waves, get out the way! I will gladly abide.

  • The UnoDos

    The clean up crew saved his life. Back in the day when Jeff surfed this alone, you had to self rescue. Who’s to say he could have made it out of there alive? Mark Foo didn’t.

  • strangethings

    thats fucking nasty…ugh

  • Stephanie Malaspian

    Does anyone know why Foo died? Was it drowning or did he get knocked out on the rocks?

    • Noe

      I think his leash got stuck in a rock after he got caught by a monster wave. He couldn’t make it toi the surface. The story was mentioned in a Mavericks documentary movie.

    • Ronny Diehl

      it was suggested that Foo died because of the leash that was tangled up with underwater rocks.

  • jg

    WOW, lucky for him there were some angels on jet-skis out there; BIG UPS to the rescue crew!!

  • Geo

    its ore like suicide instead of surfing.

  • Sharon Berry

    Sure mamma had her boy in her prayers . . .

  • Sharon Berry

    His mother must have been praying.


    happened to me once. thats all it took to realise big wave surfing is not for me. big respect for those who are skilled and brave enough to do it.

  • Don’t Judge

    For all of you wondering why Alex went. He’s one of the best out there. He is low key, in great shape and very calm. I saw Alex take off. It looked make-able when he was paddling for it. Then it slabbed. There was a two hour period that day where if you took off on the peak you got murdered.