Knost in Newport

A Southern California spring looking mighty fine with Alex Knost.

| posted on May 14, 2014

  • Quinn Delbridge

    I want to be this guy

  • Jeff

    His style sucks. He tries too hard. Just surf, stop trying to look cool. Kook.

    • siasl

      He uses his “style” to market himself and hide his mediocrity (when compared to other pro surfers). Talented, but nothing special

      • evan

        your an idiot

  • Nick Wehrli

    I thought he was pretty sick. Y’all need to stop hating and go catch a wave or two

  • matt franzmann

    alex knost is a fag

    • Cole

      Your a fag

  • g

    A style that is unique isn’t necessarily contrived. He’s doing something different and that creativity can’t be a bad thing.