Alex Knost in Central America

A style left fully to the eye of the beholder

| posted on June 28, 2012

  • Judge #3

    He seems like a longboard version of Dane. Loose with style, has fun, knows how to ride what he is riding and doesn’t care what you think of it

  • Sam

    Agreed. amazing surfing. great video

  • tybor

    knost is the coolest. it’s like iggy pop learned to surf

  • jay

    wait… didn’t Mikey Detemple just put this same exact video out recently?

  • al

    Being an older guy (57) I can really relate to his surfing. It reminds me of Wayne Lynch in Evolution from my era when I just got started in 68. Love the NO logo look and just the FUN vibe. My max is about 8′ nowadays and I surf at my home in Mexico a bunch of fun waves. Would love to know the dimensions on some of his boards as well as the bottom contours and rockers. Very cool vid. Thanks