Alex Gray Interview

The LA native on hanging up his jersey to chase the world's best waves

| posted on February 09, 2012

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  • Marcelo

    clap clap clap

  • http://surfer kimbo

    im not sure how well Alex was known in the Northern Hemisphere but this story will hardly break wind in Australia.

  • kimbo

    kimbo. shut the f up.message board are full of tough guys and haters. do you rip? can you surf like this? wtf? who the hell do you think you are?

  • http://surfer kimbo

    thanks annon , didnt realise that the level of ones surfing was linked to any opinion on articles about surfers featured in Surfer . regardless of that i was simply stating a fact that it seemed like it must of been a quite week in surfing journalism to give this story the space it received.

  • Griffin

    I don’t know why everybody is trippin out, that was really great story

  • Kristina

    Alex is the shizznizz