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John John Florence's sequel to 'AGAIN'

| posted on October 07, 2013

Want more? Click here to watch Part I, ‘AGAIN.’

  • teddyallen

    could have been a gazillion times better with a different soundtrack…..silence would have been a million times better.

    • Geoff BestCoast

      its about the surfing anyways dude so maybe we got to mute it next time

    • Daryl Smitts

      here, here!!

    • pete

      Wrong, thats a awesome soundtrack!!

    • Manbearpig

      im actually loving the soundtrack…maybe you broaden your horizons or…just retire because you sound like an old man

    • scumbucket

      i disagree. his style is progressive and raw. the music is the same. he obviously chose the song, let the artist convey the mood.

  • Bro Dudely

    Kenny Powers style intro and a grip of man turns, what’s not to love.

  • ~ J

    Music doesn’t suit JJ surfing at all, but that was the only let down. Kid rips and will be top of the free surf pile for the next 10yrs!

  • mpg

    I had to mute the music and play my own

  • Daryl Smitts

    They should have a warning about the crappy music… Rap so doesn’t go with our sport. Please leave it out next time. Muting works but we shouldn’t have to do that. Whoever put that track on there is kind of a wigger… and wiggers don’t surf.

    • Black Surfer

      “OUR SPORT”

      You’re such a clown. If you had it your way there would still be slavery in OUR AMERICA

      • Daryl Smitts

        FYI I was in no way referring to the sport as a “white only” sport. The usage of “Our” was not intended as you think. I meant “our” as meaning “surfers”. I know that the “W” word that was used makes me look even more guilty but I DID NOT mean any of that to be taken in a racial sense. The use of the “W” word was to point out how ridiculous the use of rap music in the video was, as are the white guys that dress up with the hats on sideways and all the “yo yo yo” crap. I am sure you know the type that I am referring to. That is my opinion. Sorry for the confusion. BTW… I know it sounds like I am back paddling here but I am truly not a bigot and if I was I would admit it. Sorry if I offended anyone in any way regarding race. I still don’t believe that that music went with that video.

    • Dave

      Your comments border on racist, and show you are out of touch and probably old. Most surfers under 30 listen to a lot of different music, which includes “rap / hip-hop” Have you ever been to Hawaii? It’s the birthplace of “our sport”, and a lot of surfers there listen to this. Good luck.

      • Daryl Smitts

        Old? I guess I am old if 30 is the separation guideline to old and young… One thing I know is this… I drop in to the “big” son… Do you?

        I am sure that a lot of surfers all over the world listen to it… Even in Polynesia the TRUE birthplace of “our sport”. The point of mine and many others is that that song or probably most rap, doesn’t fit with that vid. As far as the racist projection, read below. No racism here just a comment on ill placed music.

  • John Coghlan

    I totally disagree with comments about the music. Actually went and DLed two albums by Action Bronson after finishing the clip.

  • Haystack

    I liked the Kenny Powers jetski ref! I thought the music was quite cool. A bit off beat rapper. Reminds me of AI (RIP)

  • dc

    music was refreshing, nice change of pace from the usual. I dont often like rap with surfing but the rift was solid

  • Andrew

    Saying that the music doesn’t complement John John’s surfing is like saying pepperoni doesn’t complement a cheese pizza; viz. your opinion of palate is not necessarily reflective of the 0.9999 statistical coefficient that pepperoni does in fact complement cheese pizza. The fact is that the rap used in the video is notably complementary because it punctuates John John’s lazy yet assertive style. Which, not to mention, is accentuated by the editing which makes use of radical bursts of natural flow amidst a backdrop of stop-start cuts of action. And, isn’t that fucken Ghostface on the second track? Clan in the front, bitches!!

    • Daryl Smitts

      Wow Professor Andrew slow down with the stats bro… the music sucks for this vid, it’s unanimous. I’m sure no one knows about the second track because we had to mute the muthafucker. Boom.

  • parker

    Awesome surfing… but how much did they speed up that footage???

  • Salty

    Red hot surfing, shitty soundtrack.

    • jmaccers

      Johns a hard core oke, his clips need hard core music. just look at those black boardshorts!

  • Mike De Jianne

    Nice video and great surfing!

  • Guest

    Nice Video and great surfing!

  • Perry

    This is top tier pepperoni pizza. Buttery surfing needs buttery music. The mission with any surf clip is to get someone stoked to go surf and rip! Mission accomplished. Don’t like the music? Don’t complain old men, just hit mute or go surf. Hell of a Job by Blake and John on these two clips

  • Perez

    pretty sick no going to lie

  • Seabass120

    Great surfing. Kind of agree about the shitty music. How long until FCS is making special rims for surfboards?

    • Daryl Smitts

      that’s funny…

  • codyandchelsea

    How was the right at the end. Where is that?

  • RWH

    gangster rap encapsulates the music genre of the north shore during the early 2000’s. 50 CENT could be heard rattling out of jacket up toyota trucks all down the seven mile daily. It makes sense that this music could have been chosen by John John and I sure hope he has these creative controls over his career. I agree the music isn’t fitting, not because it is rap but because it sound like old poorly produced rap, and John John is new age. I always thought he would take an approach more evident of wood shed film production, but in the end all that matters is how he rips, I muted it as well.

    • Antonio Chong

      poorly produced rap? please keep your opinions to yourself if you dont know what youre talking about.

  • Dave

    There way too much whinning about the music; when all of you who are complaining put up a vid like this, you can use what ever song you want.

    This is some amazing surfing, period.

  • jmaccers

    other surfers mustn’t even look at the surfer poll entry form, this guy will clean up

  • Antonio Chong

    so sick. its actually really refreshing to see some good rap back in surf vids. i think marzo was the last person to do it.

  • Collin

    Holy crap there’s a lot of bitching on these comments! John John surfs amazing in this clip, the jet ski intro is awesome, and I personally think the Action Bronson soundtrack kills it. I’d way rather hear Action Bronson on this clip than some hackneyed punk soundtrack!

  • Collin

    Oh, and let the age of John John begin!

  • Guest

    First off its action Bronson and me and all my friends listen to rap and we all surf so I have no problem with the song, more surfing videos should have rap soundtracks

  • Guest

    Music was terrible. Could have been the best video I’ve seen this year without that rubbish soundtrack

  • Juemadre

    Did I hear right ? “……shut your mouth and go down baby.” First of all it’s impossible ( think about it). Secondly it’s sexist and disgusting. Rap. The art of sexism a vulgarity.

  • Juemadre

    Oh by the way. I was offended enough by the music that I stopped watching the video right after the diver’s first shot. When did offensive lyrics become popular?

  • Juemadre

    Thanks for deleting my comment. Which was in no way offensive. I merely wrote lyrics from your video. Thanks for the censorship. You are now part of the establishment. You can’t be real surfers but wanna bes.

  • Juemadre

    I guess it’s alright if you say it in a video. Can’t take negative criticism I see. If it weren’t for the pics, I wouldn’t even look at you emag. Lived the surfer life style since 1967. You bunch of grommets.

  • 徐少宜

    Woo, the soundtrack is suitable for his age(20) and appropriate to the video tempo.Anyway, it looks like different side from John John. He has young and old Soul and let`s just enjoy what he want to express.

  • 徐少宜

    The soundtrack is synchronized with his age (20) and smoothly for this video tempo.Anyway, it looks like the different site from John John. He may has the Old soul but still young in appearance. Let`s just enjoy what he would like to express.

  • Jeff Steinborn

    surfing and music is dope, tired of the new slo mo hipster surf vids that have been coming out. john john killing it!

  • Blake Eden

    its fine if you dont like rap music. and rap music may not be the musical genre of surfing, but accept the fact that the younger generation of surfers listen to it and this isnt the first/last time you will hear it in a surf clip. get used to it.

  • Jeff Davis

    Mental Video- mixed emotions on the soundtrack but i’m an old fart. It’s be interesting to see it done up with some Metal though. Regardless this footage is amazing. John surfing is so over the top and such a pleasure to watch. Question for me is…. Is Dane Reynolds really the best free surfer in the world? I dig Dane, I dig John. However after watching this i’m leaning towards John’s whole roundabout program, barrels, airs, carves, style for days, so relaxed. So damn fun to watch.

  • Ray Fowl

    What are these songs called???? Fking legit