The Acero Brothers

Iker, Eneko, and Kepa, three brothers raised on Mundaka lefts.

| posted on January 15, 2014

  • bax


    • Ari Blake Wintraub

      I also want to know song–great video.

  • Bu Sca


  • Turpentine

    Brotherly love, beautiful sense of place and committed, radical surfing, great!!

  • James B


  • Jon

    The three boring brothers, locals of Getxo-Sopelana, are not welcomed by the local Mundaka Surf club due to their attitude in the water, even more since they disturbed the local surf club event, breaking one members board, and so… They always wish to be known all arround the world as Mundaka locals, but they are NOT, some kind of habituals, and they have an annoying attitude when they come to Mundaka with the foreigners also. Too vain, even they surf quite well. That’s my personal point of view.

    • Random

      Jon no one asked for your opinion

      • Sfl

        And no one asked for yours.

      • mike

        Ups, Rocky is trying to scare Jon…c’mon, it uusually hurts when truth is face up against marketing

        • Chicho Terremoto

          Totally agree Mike, totally agree. Just Iker used to go to Mundaka when they where young, Eneko and Kepa used to go to Laredo running away from big swells, travelling on expensive hotels and now they are big wave riders and travel in a sleeping bag…. bullshit

          • Troglius attack

            They can be now, what they want
            And you are talking about 25 years ago

      • peterp

        i did

    • JustMe!

      You guys can’t even imagine how tired I am about all that shit of locals, fights, Just surf and enjoy dude!

    • thomas

      As usual, once again one Mundaka Surf club member is starting a non sense dispute and putting some shit on these three brothers name. This rancor will kill you, it ‘s a shame showing these old battle in an international media as Surfer. Those three brothers are well known for their friendly attitude and their skills as surfers. Mundaka surf club members are well known for having just a single neuron

    • locomote

      Hey Jon I don’t know the incident you are talking about but i’ve seen them tons of times in the water and they are superfriendly and in mundaka I haven’t seen any drop-in or snaky attitude. They are intelligent enough not to annoy the locals. By the other hand they are not trying to be locals of mundaka they just surfed the wave since always and obviously they got a very special feeling with mundaka and not you or any local can beat this. I am pretty tired about the localism, which always asking for “respect”, in which their own code means that you always have to be at the back of the line. I don’t go to the ocean to “respect” anyone I just go for surf.

    • Troglius attack

      Did The 3 break That board?
      Didnt one Of them give for Free one board?
      Alfonso Fernadez Also lives in Sopelana, isnt he a local? You need a flat in front Of The point to be a sad local?

  • jamie o’

    so, is it for real jon ? are you telling the truth? i was about to find and get their contacts, to offer them a sponsor each worth AUD$86,000 per annual and 2 brands.

  • brett

    I agree Jon, i had a very bad experience back in 2012 with the elder brother, who harassed me in my visit to mundaka in a great 6ft day. Really enjoyed joining the real local guys on high tide in a fun righthander closer to the church the next day. They where tired of the Acero brothers and their snaking and drop in on locals

    • joplacas

      Now you can understand why the basque country has keept its culture and history, why spain could never ever beat them so far. People like Acero brothers are the ones that keep basque country unique among the rest of spainish communities. Do you think you can treat them as pussy catalans? They are survivors without even knowing. They are tough guys. They will kick your ass if you dare to invade them. No matter what. Treat them with respect and loyalty and be reward. The proof? They are true, they are in Surfer media. All said. Envy kills people. Agur.

      • ed

        Keep dreaming…

      • Brett

        Hey, hey… joplacas, calm down and don’t try to impress with bullshit !

        As far as I know basque people is humble and noble. Those three are a bit far from what i’ve known in mundaka.
        You are talking of invading, tough guys, kicking asses, loyalty..surviving…
        Pure basque culture is what i saw with my eyes in Mundaka and the surrounding Urdaibai, ancient language, typical dancings, local sports, history, own architecture, finest food you’ll ever taste…and awsome people.
        Those Acero, and what I recognize on what you say, are the kind of people, this stereotype of what the people of Mundaka are bored of.
        I do think you should share a dinner in a ”Txoko” with people of Mundaka, as i did invited by one local i knew surfing this righthander, and you would find that what you have said is nothing but bullshit !

      • WolfMann

        Being in the surf media makes one true…..YIKES! That is a horrifying thought.

      • Quelet ML

        Algún problema con los catalanes? I’M Catalan and I surfed Mundaka few times meeting Kepa and Eneko in and outside of the water and they seemed very friendly and polite. We speeched for a while and they didn’t show any bad or arrogant attitude. Just friendly as I said. Eventthough they are pro surfers they were as any other surfer out there. Y deja a los catalanes fuera del tema que no venìa a cuento. Gracias.

    • Troglius attack

      But you have a problem with one or with 3?
      Locals prefer no competition in The water is normal everywhere, specially at a no consistent wave as Mundaka

  • No Olvido ni perdono
  • High expectations

    that’s all?!

  • southernether

    woooo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoooo, what a culture and always been a wave I’ve highly admired, thanks Acero bros

  • Mike

    Surfed it with one other friend back in the early 80’s….

  • Katillotxutik Begira

    Excuse me, the acero brothers don’t representate anything in the basque country. They do not deserve any loyalty as they do nothing to be rewarded, or to be distinguished as altruism. They even speak basque with difficulty.

    They do want to live from surfing, the life goes on and they are getting old, so there is an strategy with all those videos in Mundaka, Mundaka here and Mundaka there.

    We have heard something related to a surfing business ( competition?…) they three do want to do in Mundaka taking advantage of the name and prestige of the wave…even they are foreigners in Mundaka.

    Iker, who was once in prision for terrorism, has made his way into a business with the federation- hi’s father has been president of that…hummm… ( even he also interferred into the local club’s event, what should intantanelly fire him out from the federation ! ).

    The youngest one is selling his stories of Laurence of Arabia kind of trip to the administrations to whom the marketing of young adventurers ( even every thing is well cooked ).

    Eneko is trying to find his way in the surfing panorama as he is at the end of his competition career.

    So now you can understand why those people of guecho and sopelana want to be recognized and related to mundaka in the surf community, that’s the first step, the second would be expose the project of the ”opportunity” to the administrations and sponsors, and the third one would be doing the business taking advantage of mundaka’s fame.

    They want to utilize mundaka…that’s all there is, and in mundaka we are tired of them and of it. It is always the same.

    • Troglius attack

      They are The 3 best surfers the Basque Country in their generation, Eneko open The International professional surfing career for The next generation , Being The pioneer.
      They surf Mundaka From 20 years ago or so.
      Iker has a bachelor in sports Training, compites with The Euskal Surfing association since 13 years Of age, Also worked for long for The Quiksilver Group, his father was a key president Of The Euskal Surfing association who made an association That made everysurfer laugh in something serious and well organized, obviously it is something Iker lived since The nineties. So do you think his profile is not good enough?
      Kepa is one Of The most friendly person I ever met since he began Surfing with 8-9 years he know everysurfer in The Beach, Also is a talented artist, why shouldnt he Work in The mass media to show us The other world

    • Troglius attack

      They speak Basque since they were born as their mother tongue

  • Buenas olas a tod@s

    Vaya, vaya, así va el mundo…..
    Entre localistas y nacionalistas.
    Y menos mal que el sabio Pío Baroja decía que los nacionalismos (supongo que si fuera surfer diría los localismos) se curan viajando.
    Buenas olas muchachos, y que les vaya bonito

    • JustMe!

      Finally one answer plenty of common sense! I totally agree! What is that shit of localism, loyalty, the Basque Country and its taught and its tough guys… are you kidding me!!!!????? We are talking about surf dude! What’s next!? Franco!? Come on! Lets be serious!

  • Troglius attack

    Congratulations for The Report, great tubes!
    Cheers From África !