A Week in France

Matt Banting and Marc Lacomare sample some French beachbreaks

| posted on September 26, 2012

  • Irina

    This is a good question Pierre! It is a very good idea to make a revirsateon at least 2 weeks in advance for lessons in July since this is our busiest month of the year. When you make a revirsateon you will be asked to make a deposit for your lesson this deposit is refundable if you 1) cancel your lesson 24 hours or more prior to your scheduled time or 2) if WE cancel the lesson for some reason (lack of waves, unsafe conditions, or thunderstorms) We will make every effort to reschedule lessons that can\’t go out at the originally scheduled time but are happy to refund deposits made if it simply can\’t go out. Please Note!!! Rain without the presence of thunder and lightning DOES NOT cancel a lesson!! We\’re going to be soaking wet as soon as we get in the water so a little rain doesn\’t hurt anything! Looking forward to seeing you in June!!-HIB