A Perfect Day

The stars align for some all-time sessions at San Francisco's Ocean Beach

| posted on January 31, 2013

  • Fleishhacker

    what is that a fifteen year compilation? ob is just another shitty, windy and fickle beachbreak

  • Ben

    Sick! How was that last wave?

  • Scott


  • Darin

    Fleishhacker you have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

  • Ballsack

    Fleishhacker: i smell fear. Must’ve got your ass handed to you a couple times in those waves huh?

  • http://Surfer NHS

    It takes some real stones to surf that place big. Cold, closeouts,heavy paddles, and of course, da fin. Did I say cold? Those guys should get some name credit, especially the guy on the white gun, who laid it down old school cool. I’m impressed. From the top of Wolfback Ridge on the Marin side I used to see a monstrous cloudbreak at least two miles out. I wonder if anyone has surfed that. Please Skinned Dog don’t start bragging now.

  • JT

    Fleishhacker, I said that to C. Wilson 24 years ago when he talked about his home break. He scoffed and said: ”Man, OB has more spitting barrels than not”. And now he’s laying down video proof.

  • ac

    You know who should really get some credit? How about the guy who shot and editing this video? How does Surfer just post this without permission or credit?? Not too cool, Surfer.

  • Fleishhacker

    You are more likely to get bit by a Great White than ever get remotely close to scoring OB like this in your life. I heard Santa Cruz has good waves all year

  • cesarcolombo

    i’m wondering how mavericks break that same beautiful day

  • Chris Wilson

    I made this video. surfer mag can fuck off. you didn’t even make contact before you swooped my shit and put it on your website. lewis is a marin kook.