A Few Days

A rare European left transforms into a world-class pointbreak

| posted on March 18, 2014

Strong winter swells have created an all-time winter for European surfers. Somewhere along the English coastline, this left that rarely breaks came to life for a run of swell, transforming it into a world-class pointbrek for a few days. Goofyfooters beware: this will give you a massive case of FOMO.

  • Alex

    First time this spot has broken for 3 years

  • Matt

    Reminds me of Seaside Oregon.
    Well, minus the disgusting women, rampant drug use, and inbred locals.

    • Jonathon

      You surfed there?

      • Matt

        I have surfed there, and what you hear is true, it is crazy there. I have seen cars vandalized and cops laugh about it and say ” what do you want us to do “. The wave is world class, the locals are on the whole, scumbags.
        Tips for visitors, park way the hell down the beach, like way way far away, do not take pictures from the rocks, do not cut off locals, do not surf up the point, do not talk about the point, etc etc etc.

    • Jonathon

      I hear the locals are brutal, have been warned numerous times not to go..

      • erik

        Locals are not that brutal. I surfed there for 10 years, and you have to show respect…period. If not, your going to get an ass kicking. One thing to remember, park down the road if you have out of state plates. Don’t park between the hotel and the break. That’s where the brutes hang out looking to start a fight. World Class wave though…very heavy…and second point is even better around the corner. Shallow, but the barrells are worth it.

        • Matt

          You obviously know it too, but seriously, it is brutal for anyone who hasn’t been there at least 5+ times, knows how to surf, knows how to keep your head down/stfu, and take what waves are free. That place is the absolute definition of localism. I have felt much safer in Santa Cruz, Hawaii, Sebastian/Smyrna, etc.

      • Nsu

        I was born and raised on Oahu and Seaside is way worse than anywhere in
        Hawaii. Except maybe V-land back in the day. I cut my teeth on the North Shore and am a competent surfer who knows the rules of the water just as well as anyone. I moved to Portland 4 years ago and have always gone to Seaside by myself
        which is a risk in itself, which coincidentally is the closest wave to Portland.
        I have met some nice locals but most are
        total assholes. I agree localism has it place, no question, but these guys give no one a chance even when you abide every known rule of surfer code. It’s funny because the guys that talk sh*t the most can’t even surf well. Plus many go in when it gets bigger.
        I once got told after my surf that “I had no right being out there” when I decided to go out to the second point which had an empty lineup by myself. The locals were pissed I didn’t want to deal with their nonsense at 1st point and decided to go out to 2nd point. Anyone that has surfed both spots knows 2nd point is way heavier than 1st but still these guys don’t care.
        The wave is insane and I understand why its so guarded, but its also out of control. A good friend who was born in Seaside and grew up surfing the point has even gotten hassled by guys 4-6 years younger than him, They don’t even know who’s who. I just grin and bear it, the wave is worth it in my eyes.
        It’s hilarious too because I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard locals in the lineup going on and on about how they just got back from Hawaii and scored great waves, obviously never being hassled. Hypocrites

  • drwireless

    Sounds like PV. World class waves that rarely break, guarded by some local douchebags. What comes around, goes around. hopefully these idiots will experience the same kind of “hospitality” 364 days when they have to surf elsewhere.

  • Herbert berger

    La herra