A Cold Embrace

A winter in Ireland with a charging Tom Lowe

| posted on April 18, 2013

  • Jobseeker

    I am guessing that Fergal Smith is the main guy in the video. Its great to see an Irish guy being featured in these videos and not just Ireland. Mayo’s finest, and yet almost nobody knows who he is, GAA is seemingly more interesting, strange?

  • Carpet

    His name is Tom Lowe and he is English.

  • Jobseeker

    My bad its Tom lowe, who is English, great video

  • kernow

    He’s cornish not english

  • Paul Hugoboom

    Some heavy charging there is that left the same one that Joel Fitzgerald was featured in in that movie was it endless Summer two or something? I’ve been waiting to see some footage of that on the cleaner day looks great!

  • Jobseeker

    Maybe litmus? Not sure

  • Rhino

    How heavy is the situation at 2.50? An intense freight training wave like this is hard enough to paddle surf without having to jump over a loose half tonne ski and a bunch of other floating debris. Lucky no one was hurt that day. The 2 guys on the ski weren’t towing or doing a rescue when they got caught inside, they were just sitting in the channel and didn’t see the set coming because they weren’t paying attention. Skis have a purpose but only if they are used responsibly, especially when guys are trying to paddle.