2013 Top 34 Review

Former Tour surfers Taylor Knox, Ross Williams, and Shea Lopez weigh in on the 2013 World Tour roster

| posted on February 20, 2013

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  • Danny

    Nothing close to the detailed surfer-by-surfer analysis of Shea Lopez last year. Pretty superficial.

    – John John and Gabriel the most dangerous young surfer
    – Mick and Joel the most dangerous in Snappers
    – Sbas the most dangerous rookie
    – etc etc

    Come on Surfer, you can do better….

  • matt

    Biggest fly in the ointment is the judges. They are the ones that should be drug tested. Let the surfers surf and judge the rides individually not in the context of the title points at stake or who gets the crown. Its the reason that some of the top talent has walked away and many think the tour is a joke and certainly not the final end all on the world’s best surfing. Its become like the Oscars where the industry rewards and congratulates itself. The more money, the more marketing, the more attention and before we know it, the public is convinced that **++*** is the best, meanwhile in the dying seconds on the heat, the underdog pulls a mindblowing move that just doesn’t quite score enough because if it did… megastar would be out.
    Am I wrong?

  • daniel

    I miss Derek Hinds opinion… really serious.
    At that time it was a real review.

    “Come on Surfer, you can do better….”

  • MD

    Solid breakdown. Excited for this year’s tour. It’s always interesting to see who was overlooked and emerges as a threat. And who is hyped but fades. JJF is just such an all around gnarly surfer and his style and humble attitude are making him the surfer’s surfer. But there are so many good surfers now, the level is insane.

  • Rollerpig

    Ross Williams is a kook, why is he on this?

  • John McG

    Ross Williams is a kook? The guy was on the WCT for 10 years & still rips. When was the last time you looked in a mirror, kook?

  • John McG

    Ross Williams is a kook? The guy was on the WCT for 10 years & still rips. I think the biggest kook is in the mirror, RollerDick.

  • Ricebowler

    I remember when Kelly was just about to burst onto the pro scene and Derek Hynd said that Kelly would mean a billion dollars to the surf industry. Was he right? Did he under estimate?

  • truth

    Ross is a kook?
    The guy is a hero.

    Think you guys are a bit too critical. Shea and Taylor seem like good souls as well.

    Jordy, Jon Jon, Taj.