The Stats

2014 Billabong Rio Pro

Check the stats before the first heat hits the water in Brazil

The World Tour has arrived in Brazil for the Billabong Rio Pro. Check the stats from years past before solidifying your Fantasy Surfer team.

  • Marco

    This is a poorly designed infographic

    • ryan taylor

      A step in the right direction though.

    • Surfslob

      From a graphic designers stand point… I concur.

  • Sophomore Year Design Student

    Who the hell designed this? Microsoft Powerpoint could of given you a more legible template than this.

  • Rod Tomlinson

    haters gonna hate fucktards

  • Colin

    A little hard to read but cool information!

  • tony ty carson big island

    Its just a fantasy, go catch a real wave… Peace

  • Eric

    If you are going to have a comp in Brazil…and I get why they do…you HAVE to find a better wave for the event. Other comps are not in City centers, and trust me, Brazillians will travel a bit to watch. There are much better venues than this one…