The Stats

2013 Volcom Fiji Pro

Check the stats before the first heat hits the water in Fiji

The World Tour returns to Teahupoo for the 2013 Billabong Pro Tahiti. Check the stats from years past before solidifying your Fantasy Surfer team.

  • David Lee Roth

    Nice to see all those LAME Brazilians get knocked out. They suck.

    But, Dave Wassel as a commentator? He sucks ass. Worst commentator EVER. Where is…..anybody….other than Dave Wassel. What a turd. Terrible bro-cast. Move on, sucker.

  • http://VolcomFijiPro2013-DaveWassel Tony Slocum

    I have to agree with David Lee Roth on Dave Wassel as a commentator. I have never been so irritated by a commentator in all my years. He would be more appropriate as an on-the-beach reporter but even then his constant references to the pros he knows would be hard to take.

  • SoopahDoopahKewkah

    Ohh my GOD Volcom folks!!!
    Please don’t continue to use Dave Wassel as a commentator !!!!
    Yikes! He makes me want to change the channel every time he speaks! Arrrrgg! I looks of the previous comments, it appears that I am not alone in my opinion. Wassel may be a good big wave rider and a awsome lifeguard, but PLEASE GUYS. Don’t give Wassel a microphone! Maybe put him in a heat or something… ANYTHING else please.
    Mahalo for listening.
    Aloha A Hui Hou!