The Stats

2013 Hurley Pro

Check the stats before the first heat hits the water at Lowers

The Top 34 at Lowers. What more could you ask for? Check the stats from years past before solidifying your Fantasy Surfer team.

  • Rob

    I always go 4 Kelly, but this time I would love to see Jordy destroying everything and getting the win.

    • Pacifico

      I’m with you Rob.

  • Kai

    So over Jordy, hope he blows his knees out for good this time. Run off and marry that skeleton wash out crack head ex model. Go John John, actually anybody but Jordy.

    • Iain Platt

      Kai you sound like a complete dick. Wishing an injury on an athlete is beyond lame. Anyway I’m sure you rip harder than Jordy and are at the top of the elite surfer list. Poser.

    • .,

      Says the loser who hates on the internet for gratification and probably cant stand up on a soft top. He’s living the dream, what are you doing?

    • LOLkai

      kai, put simply, you my friend are a fool.

    • Seabass120

      Jordy grew up in a shack with no doors or windows in S.Africa….how can you hate on him becoming successful? That’s lame man.

      • Saffa

        The fact that you think Jordy grew up in a shack with no windows or doors just makes anything you say after that completely invalid

    • over it

      grow up kook

    • David Van Rensburg


  • Tazzy

    Where’s dane 🙁

    • Jim

      He was a wildcard into the event. Not even sure if he’ll compete or not with his wrist injury. Hope so.

      • Jonathan Robbins

        yea hes in he got a brace for his wrist

  • Big Dummy

    is there any way to see the draw?