SURFER Poll Winners

The top 10 men and top 5 women, as chosen by you

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| posted on December 07, 2011
  • Major Pain

    Pffffftttttt: Another BS Poll that does not include Some as Courtney Conlogue, but rather includes Someone who I can’t even remember when was the last time that She Won (sic) A Surf Competition Event…..

  • Who?

    Who is Courtney Conlogue?

  • All ur brains are belong to us

    Surf “journalists” should stop using big, complex words they know nothing about, like “femininity” and stick to honest reporting: “embracing sexism”, etc.

  • I second that WHO?

    Major Pain… what is your major malfunction son!? WHO on earth is Courtney Conlogue? hahaha PS about 9 of those surfers havnt won an event in 2011… its not about that.

  • Wills

    The quality of the awards presentation was a bit lackluster this year in my opinion.
    Besides Alex’s Grey’s touching acceptance and the Amped guys I thought the winners were especially off kilter. Sal and Freddy lacked much comedic zip too. And might just be me- but the feel of the broadcast made it seem as if it were being shot in a mobile home. But aside from the amateur feel of the awards (sponsors prob cringing) the people and surfing that deserved to be recognised- did in fact get proper accolades. Might be time to go back to the Surfers banquet that Kelly touched on with more than a hint of fondness. A night to celebrate as a group that contend together for most the year. The only proof of the event was a few grainy shots specked with beer on the lens and recounted stories by those in attendance. But then again I’m just a lemming.

  • Mik

    I agree with Wills… The event was amazingly flat. Hard to define why. One thing that leaped out at me was that in the past, before Andy’s passing, these events were rocking. And the coverage was fun, (Paul Fisher anyone?), and there were lots of shots showing the Surfers, which is why I watch. I like to see the top guys out of the water so I can get a chance to see more of who they are. So there was wayyy too much focus on Sal Masakela et al, even though he’s a really warm, cool guy. The focus was all wrong, and the fun was gone. Additionally, Alex Grey’s comments were moving, but they kinda brought back the bitter loss of Andy all over again. I’m sure it was hard for Bruce to have it all triggered again, right before his participation. Still, he handled it in the same manly way he did last year. The guy is just 100% solid. So it was worth it to see Bruce, and also to see Dane and Kelly. Polar opposites, and both very deserving of our appreciation. Kudos Quiksilver fo rbacking them both for who they are. An unusually cool corporation. We need more businesses like that, don’t we?

  • Emilio

    As much as I respect and love Kelly, it’s kind of frustrating to have him on top for so long. Except for Dane, the rest respect him too much…

    Love from Argentina,


  • Pele

    Really? Alana Blanchard is a top five for women of the year. Why not Bethany Hamilton or Maya Gabeira? Women’s surfing is based on how great the girl looks in a bathing suit, not how she rips. Until a woman, not a man, will step up to the plate to take charge of the funding for women’s contests and promotional events, there will never be a future for professional female surfers. Considering all the money spent by women on surfing apparel, why isn’t any of that money going back into the contest scene to support the female athletes? These athletes also won’t be taken seriously until they stop sexualizing themselves in order to “advance” their career. Ladies, it might get you ahead for a second, but it’s really hurting women’s surfing overall.

  • Joe

    Yaayy Julian’s 4