Polls Are Now Open

Voting has begun for the 41st Annual SURFER Poll Awards.

| posted on August 25, 2011

SAN CLEMENTE, CA (August 24, 2011) — SURFER Magazine announced today that 2011 SURFER Poll voting is officially open. The annual award show has become an institution of the surf world, allowing readers to choose the top ten male and top five female surfers in the world. Visit to make your voice heard. Voting will be open until October 31, and the awards will be presented live via webcast on December 6 during the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing on Oahu.

Each year, SURFER’s readers flock to the polls to cast their vote on the most relevant and progressive surfers of the year. With only 13 surfers in history ever attaining the coveted top men’s honor, the award is undeniably the highest distinction fans can bestow on the professionals influencing the sport and culture around the world.

Recent years have seen Kelly Slater continually dominate the top men’s spot. However, his acceptance speech last year urged voters to cast their ballots for Dane Reynolds in 2011, because, as the 16-time SURFER Poll winner put it, “He has never won anything, and I don’t know how, but I want to see his acceptance speech next year.” Past men’s top honors have been bestowed on iconic surfers such as Phil Edwards (1963), Shaun Tomson (1978), Tom Curren (1985-1992), and Andy Irons (2002, 2003).

The women’s SURFER Poll winners have been a bit less predictable throughout the years, with a new crop of females rising to the occasion each year. Stephanie Gilmore won her second SURFER Poll last year, but with the Leave A Message generation hot on her heels, this year is far from an easy three-peat for the four-time World Champ.

Be sure to visit to have your say in the future of surfing and solidify your favorite surfers’ spots in the history books. Then, on December 6, 2011, tune into the LIVE webcast to see which names will be added to one of the surf world’s most exclusive clubs.

In the meantime, follow SURFER Magazine (@SURFER_Magazine) and SURFER Poll (@Surferpoll) on Twitter for insider information and updates on what’s going on in the surf world.

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  • Karl S. Carlysle

    Surfe Magazine is AWESOME

  • B

    Jamie O’Brien disgraces the sport of surfing . his Sponsors should back away from this kid ……I’ll be backing away from their products and encourage all to do the same. an endorsement for OBrien is endorsing his actions
    hope Karma come to meet him soon.

  • B

    I used to think surfers were eco minded ….not anymore ….one bad apple , destroys my view of surfers and surfing in general. jeeze if this is what he is posting picture of ,who knows what these guys do when there isn’t a camera around …just makes you wonder.. JOB will carry this on HIS back for the rest of his career , we will not forget

  • Eugene Harrell

    Everyone makes mistakes and bad judgment calls; it is what makes us human. All animals make mistakes but humans have the ability to recognize and regret there mistakes. For those who forgive others mistakes when they show regret is a great human trait.
    Where riding a turtle is wrong coming under the definition of harassment this did not appear to injure the turtle.
    For those who worship turtles this alone is cause for yelling “disrespect” as would burning the Koran would be to Muslims but as a Christen I forgive JOB’s poor judgment, those that crucified Christ and you all that want JOB’s head on a platter for somthing as manini as this picture.
    I think it is a shame that we focus and exaggerate on one mistake and forget all the good we have done. It was a friend I bet that took this photo and posted it he is likely feeling bad for not destroying the picture.