Men’s No. 2: Dane Reynolds

2011 SURFER Poll

| posted on December 05, 2011

After announcing his disenchantment with the World Tour and appearing sparingly in surf films of note, most top-of-the-heap surfers would consider the year Dane just had a bit of a disappointment. But most surfers aren’t Dane. His World Tour epiphanies kept him in our minds, and his blog,, kept him in front of our eyeballs. Plus, his starring role in Lost Interest, in which he rips Oaxacan pointbreaks to shreds, was certainly one of the performances of 2011.

  • jeff

    uhm, somebody get this guy mental help, breakdown.

  • jake tellkamp

    I think its really lame how we ask so much from him. As a fan, we should think of his best interest. let him do what he wants to do. I think he’s the man. hahaha