Best Barrel: Alex Gray

2011 Surfer Poll

| posted on December 05, 2011

In a year strangely void of movies featuring the never-ending barrels of the Indian Ocean (think Desert Point) we saw an abundance of barrels of consequence. All five nominees this year were of the heavy variety, but Alex Gray’s monster from Teahupoo Uncut was in the category of “extra-heavy.”

2011 SURFER Poll Best Barrel Nominees
Cory Lopez (Teahupoo Uncut)
John John Florence (Get-N-Classic)
Josh Kerr (Kerrazy Kronicles)
Dean Morrison (A Dingo’s Tale)
Alex Gray (Teahupoo Uncut)

  • simon Gordon

    Sick tube.

  • Brando

    Alex, you’re a hero man. Never thought you’d grow up to be a great big wave surfer. So much respect, and amazing speech. You make a lot of people proud. You’re making surfing look and feel good. Congrats

  • jack

    what is the song name

  • jack

    song name????

  • Todd Prodanovich

    “four years” by black elephant

  • Lionman

    alex gray rules. good job buddy