Best Documentary

Official 2011 SURFER Poll Nominees

| posted on December 02, 2011

In recent years we’ve seen a proliferation of great documentaries about the surf community. Cover the subjects of race, environmentalism, distant surf scenes, and rediscovering lost history, each of our four nominees in 2011 tells a fascinating story from a unique point of view.

2011 SURFER Poll Best Documentary Nominees:
Lost and Found
White Wash
Minds In The Water


    “minds in the water” is the best !!!

    • hatteras jack

      so many great docs but i must agree with SURF TRIP! for our brothers and sisters in the oceans! ‘minds in the water’ is 100% from the heart!

  • Ben

    Hey, here’s a question: Where the hell is the Sea of Darkness documentary from two years ago to be found? I’m dying to see it!