The 2013 SURFER Poll

A roundup of the best shots from the biggest night in surf

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| posted on December 12, 2013
  • rel0627

    Mom John would get it.

  • Stu Azole

    Serious question – what’s going on with Slater’s nose? Rhinophyma?

    • gannysesh

      And Nikki’s lips. Those implants are freaky.

  • Marcel

    Here from south of Brazil I have to tell you the best Shoot was Occy and Mark Healey natural red eyes, if I could I would participate in this joint, but actually I’m heading to Uruguay get the same red eyes, cheers!

  • Dave

    Healy’s tail needs to go back to the 80’s. Gay city!

  • LA

    What is wrong with Bruce he always looks and acts so high it’s not even funny anymore I’m starting to actually feel sorry for him. Someone needs to sit him down and beat him back to his old self… And while doing that make him realize how stupid he looks with a 19 year old on his arm!! Grovel back to your wife and kids bro life is so much better with family. Grow up!!