2010 SURFER Poll Video Highlights

Speeches and Tributes that Made Last Year’s Award Show Special

| posted on August 23, 2011

We dedicated the 2010 SURFER Poll to Andy Irons, who tragically passed away in early November 2010, less than a month before the award show. Matt Beauchesne created this tribute to the 2002–2004 World Champion.

In a touching moment, Bruce Irons accepted the SURFER Poll No. 6 award on behalf of his brother.

Filmmaker Kai Neville accepted the Movie of the Year award for his groundbreaking feature Modern Collective.

Looking more like a supermodel than a four-time World Champion, Stephanie Gilmore accepted her 2010 SURFER Poll No. 1 award.

Kelly Slater accepts his 16th SURFER Poll No. 1 award, but begs the crowd to “please vote for Dane Reynolds next year, because the guy has never won anything.”