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A dozen of Zak Noyle's favorite photos

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| posted on April 30, 2014

SURFER photographer Zak Noyle’s favorite dozen photos.

  • Blanch Ringrose

    There is only one prefabrication of the truth, that is these are photographs and they are of Pipe.

  • Sam

    Zak Noyle sucks…guys a grade A phony

    • old gregg

      i’d like to see you do what he does.

      • Sam

        old man fart face..go home

    • Patrick Downs

      Says you, troll.

    • yourmominbed

      hey man don’t go around saying stuff like that .. hes like the nicest guy and ALWAYS gives back to others. Hes super Humble. Cheers Zak!!!

      • Sam

        you’re an idiot. Noyle is whatever.

    • poopieface


      He does this for a living….what do you do?
      thought so….

      • Sam

        I give tours of surf all over Indonesia…what do you do?

        thought so

    • Ryan

      Every single one of your comments is negative/trollish – you sound like the grade A tool to me

  • Patrick Downs


  • Seaman

    Jamie ObrIens photo is just perfect…

  • Irwing Grings


  • Peter

    Those are some incredible photos…particularly the pulled back one of Kalani Chapman

  • spence hornby

    sick shots

  • Silvina Alarcon

    amo el surf

  • louis

    excellent work zak!!!

  • JeremyHSnell

    I could do without the bend/surround viewpoint of some of the pics, but all in all – awesome !!

  • Richard J Eldridge

    I had the opportunity to work with Zak last year at the US Open for Red Bull. At his age he is a full professional photographer and person. I was amazed at the following he has as was he. He has inspired me to go deeper and look at different perspectives.

  • Evy


  • Norad

    Wicked cool work and stylin surfin!!!

  • BlackSails

    Sick photos, but can you guys turn off the sound on the ad? I just clicked on this at work and freaked everyone out. Damn

    • danbo

      get adblock

  • Michelle

    There are no titles, that I can see, for each pic but Makua Rothman at Pipe is my favorite. Hawaii is where my family is from. I love it….too many unreal beautiful colors to describe in just one day. This kinda sums it up. <3

  • marisol

    that’s sick