Winter Is Here

Holiday swells hit both mainland coasts and the North Shore

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| posted on December 02, 2013
  • Mik

    Heavy. Mano-a-Ola

  • southbayevents

    Costco board! Love it.

  • poopoobrown

    Did CJ make that tube?

  • TBone

    Some deep barrels & big falls ! Nice Vid’ !

  • Matthias

    is that a Malibu?

  • Matthias

    wow, this is a huge size wave!!

  • Wyatt

    Quick question: Were New Jersey locals taken aback by the Thanksgiving Day swell?

    Sucks when budget cuts reach the caption writer’s desk. 🙁


    I got mine here in HB, the rights were pealing for days, glassy and just overhead.

  • sdfssdfsdfsdfsd nnra

    the hobgoods are heavy motherFUCKERs ….

  • Rev

    Yep, Hobgoods are fearless in the big stuff. All around just raw talent. All the pics are sick of all the other guys also, kinda

  • joe

    fix how your page loads, surfermag worst website ever. hate reading the same caption for every pic d heads