A Deep Freeze

Winter Storm Hercules brings wind, weather, and waves to the Northeast

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| posted on January 07, 2014
  • KN

    I’m never complaining about it being 40 degrees in Encinitas ever again..

    • AMT

      As a New Jersey surfer who recently purchased a Gary Hanel twin fin from Surfy Surfy in your hometown, I envy your waves. But, as a famous man once said, “Always go out, because the more you surf, the more you surf.” It’s not that bad, except for the wind…

  • jps

    The temp was 8 degrees with w chill of -4 or 4 with w chill of -8 can’t remember which. Yes, when you are out there, either paddling out or getting caught in a clean up set, you base it on how many more ducks you can take, no joke.

  • King Neptune

    I caught one of our local breaks last week, chest high, light winds, 200 yard rights, wave after wave, just me, a good friend and a couple of sharks. During the summertime there would have been 50 guys on it. I would trade 40′ Air temps and 50′ water temps for a summer crowd all damn day

  • surfchic

    don’t forget the Women who are braving the cold as well… they are several of them surfing the cold NJ winters

  • FNC

    All due respect to the Jersey boys (and girls) but that ain’t cold. At least not as cold as it gets… And what’s up with only one shot of Maine? I know Nevins and Lavecchia have more shots, and of better waves, even without blowing up secret spots. (not that anyone would show up even if we drew you a map 😉

    Shots of head high beachbreak aren’t that impressive even under snow. How about some reef breaks? Now Nova Scotia, THOSE guys get all the respect!
    It’s all love though, everyone who charges in winter gets props. That’s how we do in the Frozen North.

  • FNC

    One REAL shot, I meant. Nick and the boys charge hard, no doubt about that!
    Just wish we could see more of the potential out there. It gets lonely
    sometimes at the outer points and seamounts… Aloha