Welcome to the Team

Photos by new Assistant Photo Editor Bryce Lowe-White

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| posted on April 19, 2011
  • dude

    What’s Gilley gonna say ?

  • Lusk

    Yea Bryce, congrats!

  • rambo estrada

    I’m curious as to what the 5 blade aperture lens used was in the Alex Gray air shot?


    You guys are officially a bunch of donkeys. You cut a master surf photographer (Gilley) and sign some guy named Bryce…..I have little trust in your current photo editor from South Africa….Barnyards, all you you!

  • Tom

    Very nice stuff, but he’s no Jimmicane!

  • east

    Lusk is better.

  • Oren Hatum

    Congrats BRYCE!!!

    Surfer Mag is lucky to have such a pure talent as you!

    Stoked for you brother and looking forward to viewing your photos!

    Keep up the good work!

  • SeanDavey

    Ah, but did they pay him for this pictorial……….

  • Marcus Fender

    Very nice photos! Congratulations on the new position; you are obviously a great addition to the best mag; Surfer. Hope you share some of those great shots of that ripper Chris Wells!

  • Whamo

    Yowza! There’s something about his photography that’s special. He has that SURFER magazine surf fever bug like my old pals Ron Stoner and Rick Griffin.

  • fico

    SIck pictures,,,,,,,, congrats brah,,,,,,,,,,

  • jack donnley

    Yea, you guys should show a few pictures of chris wells ripping in south LA…….Thanks!