Volcom Pipe Pro Finals

Pipeline and Backdoor turn on for a dramatic ending to the event

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| posted on February 05, 2014
  • joe

    Drones are the new zak noyle and brent beilman. there in the way and shoot digital.

    • Jammin

      At least Zak and Brent know how to spell. Also, exactly how is the drone in your way? Did Red Bull give you wings or something? And get over the digital thing, it’s been around way too long for you to still be complaining about it.

  • Daniel

    Strange….There is no photography of Brazilian Surfers????

    • Seaman

      Who sponsors the contest, sponsors their local guys and show them for maximum effect.

      • Jammin

        The contest was sponsored by Volcom. There wasn’t a single Volcom rider in these pics.

      • Ct80’ssurfer

        Kelly slater is the best competitor surfer to be born so far.
        But i don’t believe in a human being better the another human,there is evolution ant that’s it.Mr. Slater is not better then Greg noll or Barry kanaiapuni or Michael Peterson… He’s the culmination if the evolution of surfing.
        That being sad, it’s obvious that Kelly slater is a more profitable and marketable winner to a contest. I’d say 3/4 of his victories are square and fair, but truly his scores are always 0.5pt to 1pt over scored. It’s a fact! I am still in awe how he bested Owen wright in the final trestles, and or he bested dusty Payne in steamer lane…
        I the situation wa to be the other way around…
        Now he did not beat john john at the ladt pipe and he definitely should not got the 9.5?!?!?!? On the volcon final, that was an 8pt ride… But I guess the fear of having a Brazilian winning the final put a pressure on the judges to superscore his 1st wave to a point you only have 0.46 left of improvement to achieve in a wave. It sounds nuts.ASP should come clear in how they judge waves, if size doesn’t matter, and if slater can get a 6ft wave in a 12ft day and run with the victory, then all surfers should have the same treatment. If one big alley oop in a close out(Long Island) is gonna score more then tak destroying the wave down the line, then the whole competitive surf world have to re-adapt.MR. SLATER is the best competitor to come through the gates so far, but he does gets the push of the establishment. It’s just the way it is.

  • southernether


  • JM101

    So funny that the undisputed WCT Champion of the world Mick Fanning didn’t show up to compete against Kelly and JJ during epic Pipe… If I was the best surfer in the world as agreed upon by a non-biased panel of expert judges – backed by the only trustworthy governing body in professional surfing – I would show up to once again prove my completely uncontroversial dominance and world ranking, and most likely win, because how could the best surfer in the world not win??

    • Blow Hole

      yeah but you are a knob hole and Mick is in Aus prepping for Snapper. Plus your logic is way off. John John is the best at pipe. Shouldnt he have won this and the pipe masters then? Idiot

      • JM101

        Wow… I don’t get it… Is a blow hole like a knob hole?

        • Blow Hole

          It’s whatever you want it to be sugar tits 😉

          • JM101

            I’ll tell you what: you might or may not get that Mick Fanning sucks balls and KS is still a bit better than JJF at Pipeline BUT that doesn’t matter now. I love the nicknames. First person I see today is getting called either tit knob or sugar hole. I like your stuff my friend.

  • Jbeezknees

    SIIICCCKKKK!! Even more sick that I was born and raised on the island and I see this LIVE every year.