Volcom Pipe Pro Day 2

Swell and pristine conditions arrive just in time for top seeds to battle it out at Pipe

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| posted on February 04, 2014
  • tony (ty) carson big island

    The dudes at Volcon, Richard Wolcott and buds, recently sold volcom to “PPR” -a multi million dollar french fashion company. “Youth against Establishment” is now owned by the Establishment and now is the Establishment. “PPR” also owns Gucci, which makes high end purses for women and now they own Volcom, how rebellious is that? So good luck everybody with your next Volcom purse, oops, I mean purchase.

    • duke lavis

      Tony, you post this on every article having anything to do with Volcom. We get it, you’re mad.

  • Daryl Smitts

    Who cares… Let’s go and get shacked!

  • Richard S Taylor

    Sick … Just watching the wheels go round and round , I really love to watch them roll .
    Good work on the photos .